And The name???

Once upon a time…… my blog was called Husbands4hire.

In fact, many of you may still refer to it as that. (Including WordPress, as I am not quite sure how to actually change it). The story below is how and why that came into being.

Since then it has changed.

My blog became itself, it found the direction it was heading, and the name needed to evolve with it. So after a year and a half of posting, we changed it. I say we because i was not completely on my own. I had serious help.

Read about it here- I spoke about why i needed to change, and i pleaded for my loyal subscribers to help.

Here is where i chose a winner and my new blog name.

For the sake of my blog’s history, I will leave this page that talks all about husbands4hire. If you read a little further you will also come across the link to my username, and where mynakedbokkie came from. (Pronounced My Naked Bokkie- i have had questions before….)

I think I owe you ALL an explanation to the name of my blog.

It really wasn’t very hard to find. I was driving down the road, and I saw a sign tied around a lamp post! I think it was sent directly to me actually.   

I just had to giggle….and giggle. Perhaps because the first thing that comes to mind is a naughty thought. I am sure any normal person would not bat an eyelid. Then I realised why I have such an awesome phone, and I took a photo.

And then ……. I had to, had to, had to find a need for it.

It was perfect. So there it was, my blog called “husbands4hire”.

A little more…..

As much as I love my knight, I do sometimes think relationships are hard work! I like MY time, and I could imagine being alone. Easily.

I do not have my knight around because I NEED him, I have him around because I love him. (And how much!!!)Imagine though that you could hire a man just to be there when you needed him. Sounds terrible hey. (What a cow this chick is?)

To perfectly honest, I still might need to call the “Husbands for hire” team, to do some of the “things” that need to be done around the house. I have never seen my knight work with a drill or a hammer. When i need him to do something, he phones someone. Not long after that i have a stranger asking me “Where exactly do you want this mirror hanging?” I cry when i think about how much that has probably cost us!!!

At the moment I have many BARE walls, and my knight’s comment regarding that- “WALLS ARE NICE”. Perhaps I should take on that husband role. Haha. He would not be impressed………… Here is an idea- He could hire me.

On a different note, I am positive that the “Husbands for hire” team has received many calls that they perhaps did not think long and hard about?!?? ! I can imagine that initially it could have been a little funny….. but I doubt for very long.

Something more recent: Where did mynakedbokkie come from? I eventually put a post together about my blogging name…. so many people were asking, and I just felt that i was repeating myself.

Hope you like it!!!


  1. That is really funny – I’ve been a single mom for 15 years & have had a BF for 13 years (I call him BF plus, cuz he is more than a cutie that I bring to social occasions). So I don’t have a hubby, my son and I inhabit our home – and although I’m strong & capable & mostly competent – there are times when I would like to hire a hubby to dump the trash & fix my screen door. Sometimes I just get tired LOL

    • I think we all do! Stay strong, capable and competent. YOu tend to then love with so much more!!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I named you to receive the highly prestigious Stylish Blogger Award.

    Here’s the link:

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  4. HA…. this made me laugh, thanks!!!

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  6. My former wife you to loan me out to her single friends for home and car repairs.( NO that is not the reason we are no longer married). Those single ladies appreciated my efforts and anything I did came with nothing expected in return.

    I never once thought about making a buck off it, I really should have advertised lol.. thanks for the great story!

    • Must be honest- I could do with a handy man right now……. And I have a boyfriend! Haha. Thanks for visiting! Xx

      • That is what many of her single ladie friends use to say, I became the go to guy of sorts.

        Merry Christmas!

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  8. […] And The name??? […]

  9. Ummmm… hello… we’re all missing you… checking in on you to see how you are? 🙂

    • Hey Steve. Sorry, I know that I have potentially become the worst blogging friend ever! Do need to put a post together. Have just had so much (so much) (so much) so much happen in the last few months. Trying to find my space again. Will fill you in soon promise. At the moment running a blog for HELIVAC which is my fiancé’s company. Take a swing past. Chat soon soon. Kelly.

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