My “bucket list”..

In one of my posts i recently done, I decided that instead of a New year’s Resolution, I would start a “bucket list”.

My own bucket list. (December 2010) 

It was about having a “list of some sort” that i would work towards accomplishing- something i think you should all do! I am starting to realise that it is difficult to get cracking on goals and dreams, when they all floating around in my head. (So disorganised in there!) One of my blogger friends called it a BLISS LIST. I think thatis an awesome term. 

It is a work in progress…… and it may change! And as it does- this page will too.  

As i work through it, i will let you know… you will see.  

1. Run a 10km Marathon- if you can call it that (The only place I have ever run is on a treadmill….. and my  distance achieved was probably 4.5 kms, so you can now understand 10kms. To add to that- I have not been on that treadmill for 8 months!!)

2. Learn archery (Hunter instinct coming out)

3.Learn to play golf (I have clubs, and visited the driving range before falling pregnant. That was the end)

4. Then play golf on every continent (That would mean visiting every continent!!)

5. Ski (on snow. Real snow)

6. Take horseback riding lessons (I did this as a kid, and now living in the country I see so many beautiful horses and just imagine riding bare backed into the mountains)

7. Learn to water ski (I tried this, and was bad. Became so embarrassed that I didn’t try again)nLearn to pilot a boat instead. (Serious advice taken.)

8. Learn to sail (What can I possibly say to explain that? It looks breath taking!)

9. Learn to play an instrument (Any one, not fussy.)

10.  Ride in a hot air balloon (My knight will not join me on this one, in fact I may battle to get him to agree…… he thinks that it could possibly be very dangerous since you don’t have MUCH control when you up there. I don’t care…..)

11.  Go paragliding (Feel the wind beneath my wings!!!)

12.  Parasail (Could you imagine the possible view of all those hotties on the beach?) 

13.  Sky dive (Okay, so yes, more sky stuff… you getting bored?)

14.  Go on a helicopter ride (My knight is supposedly a helicopter pilot????)

15.  Swim with sharks (I want to feel that fear.)

16.  Ride a mechanical bull (A challange?)

17.  Go fire walking (I have seen photos of people doing this, and to have so much control over your body must feel VERY rewarding!!)

18.  Bunjee jump (I have been king swinging, and that was awesome)

19.  Learn to fly a plane (More control- in the sky)(Just to add a small note about all this sky stuff, I actually have a tattoo of an eagle on my lower back….. when I made that decision it wasn’t about flying)

20.  Go jet skiing (A motor bike on water!!!)

21.  Cruise to the arctic (A cruise to the Caribbean was one of my most amazing holiday experiences. Could you imagine seeing that ice? And feeling that cold?)

22.  Go on a cross country motorcycle trip (First I would need a bike so see number 23.)

23.  Own a motorcycle. (Perhaps a Harley Davidson)

24.  See the Grand Canyon

25.  Visit Victoria Falls

26.  See the Northern lights

27.  The Perito Moreno Glacier

28.  St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, Rome

29.  The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

30.  See Stone henge, United Kingdom (I lived in London for a year…and went hardly anywhere)

31.  The Sydney Opera House, Australia

32.  The Great Wall of China

33.  The Brazilian Carnival, Rio De Janiero

34.  The leaning tower of Pisa

35.  The Eiffel Tower

36.  Live in a foreign country for 6 months (When I thought of this, I thought this may be impossible. BUT THEN I realised that my bucket list is a “life long list”, so in fact when I am old and grey- I may be able to do this!!)

37.  Visit the Caribbean AGAIN, and go island hopping

38.  Take up photography

39.  Write a book (Starting with a blog!)

40.  Learn to sculpt

41.  Fly  a huge kite (I know how huge- huge is.)

42.  Make a mobile (Just to say I did.)

43.  Drive a 20 year old car (A red MG cabriolet!!! Wind in my hair. In actual fact, I would like it to be mine.)

44.  Read every novel that has won a Pulitzer prize in the Fiction Category (I love reading.)

45.  Watch every movie that has won an academy award for best picture

46.  Have a happiness project (Starting with that Next year- 2011…watch this space)

47.  Be Time Magazine’s person of the year (HAHA….this may need to be deleted, but for now- let’s leave it on)

48.  Make the front page of a newspaper (Hopefully for something good, although when does good news make the front page?)

49.  Donate a million rand to a charity (I may need to start counting all the change I can currently give- towards that for now.)

50.  Volunteer at a children’s home (I have once asked for the forms, and when I needed to actually get my butt into gear and commit and send them in- I didn’t have the time. How lame!!!)

51.  Write a Children’s book (and do the pictures myself!)

52.  Write a cook book (with the help of Midnite Chef perhaps?)

53.  Have a white Christmas (Oh that would be so precious!!!)

54.  Charter a yacht (That would cost so money!!)

55.  Own a beach house (That may cost more money!!! But I would want it in the middle of no- where…..the country on the beach. No neighbours for miles…..)

56.  Drive a red Ferrari (Just because…)

57.  Sleep in a castle (Even if it is not a Royal one… I have visited Buckingham Palace before- but sleeping in one may be very different.)

58.  Invent a board game

59.  Make a documentary film

60.  Sell art- mine!!! (Perhaps one of this sculptures that I do from Number 40.)

61.  Become a life coach (One day I am sure I could give someone some sound advice on finding themselves…perhaps that means that I need to find myself first?)

62.  Submit a clip to YOU TUBE (Okay- this I can do soon soon!! Will need to register I am sure first?)

63.  Create a trust fund for my child

64.  Mush a dog sled

65.  Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean

66.  Go whale watching (I can do that in SA!!)

67.  Swim with dolphins (Perhaps in Mozambique? I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, didn’t make that!!!)

68.  Visit the San Diego Zoo (I had a Computer programme growing up- long before we had the internet. I was blown away… I hope it would not be disappointing.)

69.  See gorillas in the wild

70.  Design my own home

71.  Grow a herb garden (I need to get cracking- now that we live in the country!)

72.  A vegetable patch (Same as not above…. I clearly am being very lazy!! Or very suburban!!)

73.  Have a library- filled with books (A real wooden one, with a ladder!!! And thousands of books.)

74.  Have a bonsai tree (This could also be short term. I was first going to say- grow one. Then I realised that I have two pot plants currently. Officially they have been my only plants ever!!! So perhaps starting one from scratch would be a little unrealistic?)

75.  Become a collector (Shoes, and books already on the list. But I am thinking of something special…… I know what. Choc cows!!! This is an amazing initiative, and considering that cancer is so close to my heart- it would be something that I could feel passionate about.)

76.  Attend a pilates class (There is a studio literally 500 metres away….this would be my lazy self attending this post.)

77.  Attend an Olympics gathering.

78.  Be in Times Square on New Years Eve!!!

79.  Make Baklava (I love Greek food period!)

80.  Make a gingerbread house (This year I wanted to start on Gingerbread man- failed miserably at that. But it is not Christmas yet- so I may still get that right!!!)

81.  Do a memory course (To help me with lists like this!!!)

82.  Get a licence to shoot a gun (And the gun with it!!! Hunter instinct again!)

83.  Teach a class of kids (I do believe that education is the foundation to everything, and the “lack of” is the reason we have so many serious problems in this world today. I would like to be a part of that.)

84.  Find an app for my phone…..for this bucket list!!! (As anyone knows by now, everything I love finds a way to my Blackberry)

85.  Any suggestions……?


  1. […] My “bucket list”.. […]

  2. Well number 52 may be possible 🙂 I’m determined to write a cook book!

    • Everything on the list MUST be possible….. otherwise i must delete it!!! HAHA!

      Excited to see the one you come up with, you have so much already in the making!!!


  3. Your list reads like the one in my head: It starts out with all these great physical accomplishments, moves into travel, learning and nature, hops into domestic ventures and (nearly) ends with “fix my memory.” I think maybe we have a similar issue with focus. I know have entirely too many things I want to do before I die — that are all over the board — and I feel like time is always slipping away!

    Fun list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for that!!!
      I feel the same…. actually put on my list today that i need to work through my BUcket List and give some feedback as to whether i am getting anywhere. Think there is more chance that time has slipped away too over the past few months fo rme too.
      Your first step is to get it all down, and become accountable!
      Glad you enjoyed it!!

  4. Anything is possible … I congratulate you,

    • You are so right- if we just put our minds to it, anything is possible.
      Thanks for visiting- do pop in again soon.

  5. […] My “bucket list”.. […]

  6. […] My “bucket list”.. […]

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