Did I mention “you”?

My blog has many roles in my life. (As I am sure yours does).

1. It is my creative outlet………. without “the paint”.

I find myself writing in my head at all possible moments. Okay- not all good. In fact sometimes really crap, but sometimes ideas that I really think I could make WORK. (You would be the judge of that.)

If you find a creative outlet, you can only move in the right direction (a positive one) with regards to thinking “out of the box”. Everyone should have some form of creative project.  

You grow. (To be quite honest, I have become an awesome story teller to my princess every night)  

2. It is my therapist……… without “the bill”.

It is where I express myself, where I vent, and where I find someone to listen to me (or read me). It is where i am sure i will share many a tear, many a laugh, and many (MANYMANYMANY) an angry word. That makes me feel good!

3. It is MINE….. without “anybody else”.  

Once you become a mom, I don’t think there are many things in this world that are really ALL ABOUT YOU. This is. ALL ME. ALL MINE. I can choose to say what I want, when I want. Something that should be very clear at this point is that because it is mine, it will be MY perspective of the situation. If you want to express YOUR perspective- start your own blog!  

Further notes:

If you have been mentioned in my blog, or “feel” that you have been mentioned (due to a certain amount of anonymity, I  try to use), do not under any circumstances take it personally. My blog is based on REAL life, and that would be MY REAL life.  

Please also take note that I would never have invited you to read my blog (if I have written about you) if I  thought that you could not handle anything that I have said. (Again- if I am actually talking about you….. You may just have a guilty conscious).

Further, I will NEVER  lie. However, You (or anyone else that I may have spoken about if I have actually spoken about anyone) may just not like MY truth very much. (I re-direct you to point 3 above.)

Lastly, enjoy, just as much as I have, and AM!!!




  1. Hey, I saw you in freshly pressed. Just wondering how do you change the fonts in your posts?

    I’ve put up a post in the forums:
    How to change the font for only selected sets of text, as done with Wordpad?

    Can you change the font at will? Say from Arial, to Courier, to Times Roman?
    For select sets of text only? Thanks a lot!

    • Freshly pressed?? I am sure you mean a commentor on Freshly pressed…. Yes that’s me.

      Regarding the font- to be completely honest, I have no no no idea. I have never even tried to go deeper then the dashboard….sorry.

      Will take a look at your blog though!!

  2. Nice blog and GREAT Attitude. I’m just starting one myself — not a lot there yet. I like the three points above (nicely said)!. What is “AM!!!”

    • I meant am, as in still enjoying it. Perhaps I need to re-look at that?
      Thanks for the great motivation!

  3. P.S. — About your bucket list . . . really? Is that all??? 🙂 No guts, no glory! Very comprehensive and thoroughly thought out. No sense having a SHORT bucket list now, is there?

    • I thought that was ALL guts and glory! 🙂
      OKay- give me some suggestions. You may inspire me!!!

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