ALL my posts- here!

170. Day 3 of the Blogging Honesty Challenge (saving yourself for marriage?)

169. Day 2 of the 30 Day Honesty Blogging Challenge (a guilty pleasure?)


168. Day 1 of the 30 day Challenge (everyone except me?)

167. The Challenge- 30 days of Blogging Honesty.

166. Not my Kindle. That stays! 

165. I am officially a student again. Nothing serious, just ten little squirrels.

164. Some Oomph to my day!

163. Loony? Nah!!!

162. Holidays are never predictable! Or at least this one wasn’t. 

161. Being tagged was actually quite fun!

160. Happy Birthday my Baby Brother!

159. Can i make a habit of waking at 5:30 am? 

158. Would anyone notice 4 toes? 

157. I want a hand made card next year! 

156. Happy Birthday Gran! 

155. The most beautiful…. (wait for it) …… 

154. A toothless princess (courtesy of my MAC)!

153. Captured silver linings

152. My iPhone makes me happy! Most of the time.  

151. To Pinterest or not to Pinterest!

150. Ladybirds, Ladybugs, or Ladycocks?

149. I Won Again? I Must be Dying and No one Told me.

148. Serious Mommy Chores.

147. And my new Blog name will be……..

146. Roses, Lindt Chocolate and early birthday wishes!

145. Jess, Laila give and take.

144. Do you have ear dimples, or anything else that may never change?

143. Jumping castles, topless waiters, and downhill patchy!

142. Give me a name for my blog! Please!!

141. Do sunsets look like this all over the world?

140. I was a guest!!

139. More annoying then late?

138. I am officially an I-user.

137. Never trust a farm animal! Rather get bunny rabbits.

136. 15 days to Christmas!

135. All we seem to be missing is the food and SNOW!

134. Akismet, you have found my inspiration!

133. When i grow up- I want to be a Tech Geek!

132. Disturb me Lord

131. Stick that broken heart back together

130. That moment EVERYTHING changed….

129. We met James Blunt the night before…..

128. My princess’s 5th birthday party!

127. Am i back?

126. I need “real life” WordPress Support.

125. My Princesses’ first Rock Concert

124. Mount Grace is my little piece of heaven!

123. The Johannesburg Magistrate Court is NOTHING like the set from Law and Order!

122. The land has just turned from brown to black over this winter.

121. It’s party time, and I am calling in a favour!

120. Are all Canadians a little strange, or just the ones in Russell?

119. Home school is very REAL!

118. Open letter to the ANC. Interesting Read by Justine Limpitlaw.

117. The Dummies Recipe to Alcohol Free Tiramisu!

116. But babies come from girls….not boys!

115. I am allergic to what?

114. I am freezing!!!!

113. “And you know what? He has a tail!”

112. A Butterfly.

111. On my way to work today…

110. Make a plan.

109. A lesson in Social Buying.

108. This blog is not what i thought it would be.

107. My Explorer.

106. Oh, I wish i was growing up when moms fell for that!

105. What’s up with that?

104. The Petite Four… Martha’s way.

103. could the signwriter not have helped?

102. Part B meets Part A, and my heart = parts

101. Embarressed- too many of MY PEOPLE did not vote!

100. peek-a-boo!

99. Fun? Passion? Nope-nada.

98. Girl Boy Stuff…..

97. This post is really about distraction…..

96. Hello Autumn! Or is Winter here already?

95. Freedom lost……memories gained.

94. Can you please explain the pest, Mr Robertsons? 

93. A double promise.

92. postwheneveryoufreakingcan!

91.  Do you like Pineapple?

90. Guiness and Chocolate- I dare you?

89. How “scaley” is she?

88. Something fishy in My Gynae’s rooms.

87. Surprize!! My EX is still a douche.

86. Last post on my Western Cape Holiday- I promise.

85. Allow Grief to Happen.

84. Guidebook to being an Awesome Step-Dad…..NOT!

83. My Western Cape Holiday- Part 5 is all about Stellenbosch

82. My Parrot ducked!!

81. My Western Cape holiday- Part 4 (Officially fallen)

80. My Western Cape holiday- Part 3 (More Joburg flutters than heart flutters.)

79. My Western Cape holiday- Part 2 (My Heart is starting to Fall)  

78. An Orange Lambo…

77. My Western Cape holiday- Part 1

76. “I am married- today mom, and Devlan is now my cousin.”

75. I am touched…. 

74. “Going to marry Devlan today- forever!”- my 4 year old this morning!

73. A fresh home made ….. craft?

72. This is….

71.  Banana Loaf! Perhaps a peace offering…..    

70. Yes, let’s agree- that was my Valentine’s present.

69. Did the whole of JHB forget Valentines day?

68. Valentine’s Day is actually Hat day!!

67. The few photos I have taken in the last 24 hours..

66. Stylish blogger award? Someone has lost their marbles!

65. Pictures paint a thousand words…

64. An arranged wedding!

63. Today is all over the place…

62. I think it was a frog…..

61. Is this how our grannies thought when their hubbies brought home a microwave oven?

60. Two things that I positively hate!

59. I trust that my EX is a good parent, but I may be wrong?

58. Could I be possibly be The Bachelorette?

57. Ballerinas & Cockroaches.

56. Winning because you deserve it? Not these days….

55. When your morning starts like this….. can it get worse?

54. What the Frikkadel is a Naked Bokkie?

53. Getting old!

52. Let’s get finished with my birthday and get back to life!

51. 30

50. When I grow up, I want to be…

49. It’s a two minute cuddle.

48. 2 months later! BUT it is here.

47. Can we just hit the pause button? I do not want to turn 30!

46. Everyone meet Jess. Jess meet Everyone!

45. That belongs to someone….!

44. What’s that white dress in my cupboard for?

43. A Froggie Follow up on Ffursday!

42. That’s snot funny!

41. If I could keep your nerves all wrapped inside of my tummy forever- I would!

40. My 2nd SERIOUS “novice” bike ride. (On my way to professional.)

39. An African Sunset through the lens of my Blackberry.

38. A major step in setting goals!

37. My mom wants to be an Au Pair!

36. She is 4 mom, you can not trust her with boiling water.

35. What a Mango Morning!

34. My “weeding” begins.

33. “But Mama, you are beautiful.”

32. 2011 will only have greener grass if we all start watering!

31. An invasion of Privacy.

30. Dear Father Christmas, this was not on my list?

29. I FAILED miserably in Blogging Etiquette, I am sorry.

28. Before I kick the Bucket…..

27. A silver lining for kids in divorce?

26. Live without Facebook? Uh- I dont think so…

25. She is 4 and angry with God!

24. Still a secret……?

23. Can we really remember a taste?

22. “That wasn’t really Father Christmas mom!”

21. i need a name for this post….?

20. Your gut is generally always right!!!

19. my alter ego has been stumped!!!!

18. I want Tradition!

17. Forget balance… obsessed!!! (???)

16. The Lessons we learn…or perhaps should learn.

15. Accept the things i can not change……..

14. The wisest insect of them all….

13. “He is not really a pirate mama!”

12. Thanksgiving… sunny SA!!

11. MAYDAY!!! Movember MAYDAY!!!

10. Don’t talk to strangers, and don’t play with matches!!

9. awesome place to write a blog…..

8. my toothpaste…an absolute mind fuzz!!

7. The walk after school- home….. one of them.

6. my things. MY things. MY THINGS!!!


4. “How does he know my name mommy?”

3. “Amazon Banning One Vile Ebook: A Victory For…. What Exactly?”

2. No electricity and what’s my first thought?

1. It has been 2,5 years… and this is what he asks?

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