Me- published?! Yah!!

So the year is 2010, November, and i have decided that my goal of being able to REALLY write something that will find it’s way out into the big wide world, has to start somewhere!!! So here we go. Small steps right?

Probably a good start to give you the definition of “me”. (1) Divorced mom of ONE little monster disguised as a perfect PRINCESS. (That could be the most important definition). (2) Romantic partner to a KNIGHT, who has let me down on countless occassions (but kept all the DRAGONS away)- and i do really love. (3) Working Partner (so not the QUEEN et) to Deon, in a business specialising in a very niche and focused market (subsequently not creating any money yet- haha!). (4) Good Friend to a few key people (who I can count on one hand). (5) Sloppy Older Sister to a younger sister (who is lesbian), and younger brother (who has lost the plot).

My brother passed away on the 27th August 2011. I thought it approprate that i update this page. I miss him like crazy, and long for the days we will meet again.

The facts: short; brunette (who has been black for 4 years); 29 years old (30 round the corner); business degree in marketing (which i can say i hated every minute of); business owner (small and not established yet); christian (God has to come first!!); first time writer; and good cook!!!       

To most I am KAL, but to you and the blogging comunity, I am “mynakedbokkie”. Want to know why i called myself that? Click here!!! 


  1. Hey, stumbled upon your blog through this crazy mess of WordPress. “Good cook” caught my attention so I wanted to say hi! I write about food, working mommy (of 2), also nearly 30 (yikes!) I’m also new to blogging and it’s been alot of fun so far. See ya around WP 🙂

    • Oh awesome, will check your blog out! Food excites me. Haha. X

  2. Hi there! I saw your comment on my friend, The Edmonton Tourist’s blog, and thought I’d come and say hi! I’m a Saffa living in London, Cape Town is my home and London is our adventure for now. Having loads of fun, but missing my family, my friends and the warmth! It’s about to snow here!

    • Thanks for popping in. Must admit- blogging is new to me….puts you on a super high to know people are reading your posts hey?

      Adventure for now?? That’s awesome. Mine is being a mom. Haha. What are you doing over there?


      • I’m also fairly new to blogging – about three months! It’s fabulous knowing people read your posts – I so know the feeling! We’re here as my husband is doing his doctorate in psychology – we have two sons who are back in CT, and we will go back.
        Being a mom is a huge adventure – cherish every minute!

  3. […] for my friend bokkie, the calorie total for the entire casserole is 1025, if you split it 4 ways which will be a good […]

    • That is very very good for such a heart warming meal!! (Re- calorie count). Well done. Sounds divine. I could sit and drink wine and just read all your recipes…. Haha…. Will take serious mind power to get my butt into gear and start making!! Xx

  4. Ah – so we meet! You’ve been so sweet this week and I’m FINALLY getting around to meeting the cool new crew. Ah – we have many things in common (although I would never use the word princess for my 17 year old lurch) & I am a big sis too (7 years older than she is – yes, I remember the day she was born).

    So looking forward to exchanging more snarky love – thanks again! Kris

    • Me too!!! I think that all the like-minded individuals find themselves in this community. Looking Forward to getting to know everyone a little better!!! And your next post. xx

  5. Hello! Your blog looks beautifully fresh, clean and soothing. I am also a single mom, in fact my two little monsters are tearing down the apartment at the moment with frustration and boredom, so I’d better get going and entertain them outside. Look forward to reading more. Merry Xmas!

    • Holidays are hard work!!! I managed to get knight to baby sit, but i think he might be very tired by the time i get home. He wants more kids (his own), so he can practise. Haha!!! Perhaps i can convince that sharing my princess is enough. Have an awesome Christmas!!!! Wil promise to pop in soon, although i really am not the vegie type. I do lovethem, but not alone….. as part of a meal! Think you are very brave. x

  6. nice introduction. i hope i will be a regular visitor of this blog.

    • Thanks for that!!! Please do subscribe, then you have no choice but to be a regular visitor!!! Less choices, more happy! Yah! Have an awesome day. xx

  7. Love your blog! I’m also a single mom, a Christian and writer. Glad I found this, I will be subscribing!

    • Yah!!!! You have made MY day!! That is the most awesome compliment! Xx

  8. very cool blog! i’m going to suscribe! 🙂


    • Thanks for that Tia. I Promise to do my utmost to keep it all cool!!! xx

  9. Hello,

    Great blog you have here.. Interesting title as well.. Will definitely drop by on more occasions..

    Best Wishes,

    • Thanks Addy! I do try. Pop past again, and perhaps i can keep things interesting!
      Promise to make a turn past you, just busy “weeding” today for the New Year!
      Have an awesome start.

  10. Hi there- checked in to see your blog after reading your comment on the ‘Midnight Chef’ post about shrimp. From what part of the country are you writing? Guess I should hit ‘home’ and find out for myself.

    I have no kids, but a pet white dove who is fond of landing on my computer, and just took a crap on my keyboard!!!! Ugh! (but I love her dearly)

    my blog is at, but is mostly food and autism-related.

    Good fortune for your continued endeavors into writing!


    • I mean,

      The earlier version will take you NOWHERE without the ‘wordpress’ part!

    • Thanks for visiting Silky! Will pop past you today…. I like the food bit!

      The area we are in is South of JHB. The Randvaal…. An estate called Blue Saddle Ranch. Very beautiful.

      A pet white dove? That’s odd? Or is it not?

      Lokking forward to the read. Stay in touch!


  11. Not so odd as you may think…Doves are exceptionally affectionate once they bond with you. SHe naps with me by cuddling up on my neck, and makes the sweetest sounds. She follows me from room to room when I let her out to fly, and she positively hates it when I leave the house to run to the store- she will fly frantically at me, land on my back and make distressed sounds so I won’t leave. She sits on my lap or shoulder while I write on the computer. And easy to feed and clean up her cage. Plus they rarelt get sick. An all around great pet. (plus she actually likes my singing)

    What is JHB?

    • Sorry that i lost you. JHB actually is an abbreviation for Johannesburg, South Africa. (You asked earlier on where i lived.)

  12. Really like your blog…gonna add it to my blog roll! Keep it up!…Jason

    • Yah!!! Thanks. Now I HAVE to work hard!

  13. You had left a comment on one of my blog posts….so, I thought I’d check you out! I love “meeting” people through WordPress.
    You seem like a lot of fun!
    Keep up the blogging:)

    • I hope that is not the only reason why you commented?
      But thank you for popping in, and yes, for commenting!
      Come again- I will try and stay fun.

  14. Uhhhh… hello… anybody home here? Since you asked me that a few weeks ago I figured I should reciprocate. I know you’ve been on vacation and all… but you still with us? 🙂

    • Thanks Steve! Yes, here but missing in action. I have a couple of hundred wordpress emails that i need to get through, and of course- a business that needs me. Missing being a part of it all at the moment, just battling to find time. And wordpress tends to take a lot of time once you get into it. I probably should not have let it all pile up while i was away. I still want to post about my holiday, as it really was awesome! I did post something today!!! Yah!!!

      • Funny how that whole business thing gets in the way! And yes I am finding wordpress does take a lot of time. There are so many posts I want to read and comment on and then I lose track of so many of them. Oh well… read your post today… glad to see you back!

        • Think i am going to have to move from the postaday scenario, which i am failing miserably at….. to postaweek!!!

  15. […] Me- published?! Yah!! […]

  16. Tag, You’re it! Come see what mess I’ve gotten you in. Love, Vickie

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