Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 4, 2012

We are on to the last stretch…

Day 22 — Allowing another person to fully love me means they must…

They must fall head over heels in love with my child first. At that point I would completely let go and let myself be completely and fully loved. Until that point- walls, walls and more walls.

Day 23 — Allowing another person to fully love me means I must…

Accept the fact that relationships all need serious work. Grass is only green when it is watered. This side or the other side.

Day 24 — Given the choice between having to live the rest of my life without my voice, or living the rest of my life without the ability to hear, I would choose…

My voice. I couldn’t imagine not being able to hear my princess say that she loves me. Or that giggle that comes from her stomach when I am tickling her. Those sounds are music to my soul.

Day 25 — My biggest pet peeve that has nothing to do with blogging, being online, computers or anything else related to the Internet is…

Sniffing. And you get some serious sniffers out there. They almost don’t realize it. Now, instead of waiting for someone to realize that there nose is actually going to run away with them, (while I have to put up with it) I offer them a tissue and state the obvious. Most times they feel like they have to take it, so they do, and then they use it! The sniffing stops for a while. At ties I have even given certain people whole handfuls of tissues. No excuses!


  1. Aw you’re inspirational, the love for your daughter is so clearly apparent. I love it! Great answers.

  2. Good answers MNB! I think everyone chose to give up their voice but that would mean you would still have to listen to sniffers.

  3. Ha-ha on the sniffing 🙂 Can drive one CRAZY!

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