Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 13, 2012

Day 8 of the Blogging Honesty Challenge (artwork?)

Day 08 — If I could afford it, the piece of famous artwork you would find in my home is…

Okay so the first artist that popped into my head was Picasso. I doubt that i am the only one. I love so many of his pieces. The boldness and the colours that he used.

In my last year of school, he was a great influence on my art. A number of years later when I met my first husband he was involved in helping with a theatre play on Picasso and his life. It was great.

The second piece of work I thought of was the Mona Lisa. It’s a classic that no one would ever even mistake. I would never have to justify why I had such an expensive piece of art in my home. I would never have to defend it.

I don’t always like to go with first or even second thought though.

I wanted to find someone else that I have often thought of and that also was an inspiration while I had a paint brush in my hand. I took art at school not because I was any good, but because I had always been taught that it was important to have a creative outlet. Something that took me away from school life. Something that allowed me to just express. I so wish I had the time now.

Salvador Dali.

I was in awe of his work. It was just so damn strange, and I always wondered what amount of drugs he may have been taking when putting so many pieces of work onto canvas.

I believe that most people would know whom they were done by, but a few that I really like are:

The Persistance of Memory (1931)

Swans reflecting Elephants (1937)

Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937)

The Burning Giraffe (1937)

I managed to take all of these pictures while strolling through my house…. wink wink. Thank you Wikipedia for the pictures i have used. 



  1. Out of your four choices, I would go with the first one. I don’t know if it is worth more than the rest but it speaks to me more than the other three.

    • I think thats why i put it first actually. x

  2. metamorphosis looked so cool!

  3. Hmm… creative… thinking outside of the box… I do like the watch that is draped over the limb, and the elephant and swans (however, if you didn’t point it out, I would only have seen the swans). He painted ideas, rather than realism. For me that is more creative. Personally… nice to look at, but hang on my wall… naah 😉

  4. I don’t know much about about art even though my wife is an artist. I would pick something that looks like something real, like scenery or animals. I like what my wife can do! I would have to kill her before it would be famous though. J/K!!!

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