Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 10, 2012

Day 5 of the Blogging Honesty Challenge (overflowing toilets?)

Day 05 — This is embarrassing but on average I cause the toilet to overflow about this many times a year because of deposits I made…

Okay- I have put this question off for few days (think it is a terrible question- lol), while I have been stuffing my face with chocolate. Chocolate Bars; Chocolate eggs, and Chocolate bunnies. In my bedside table at this exact moment is half a Lindt Golden 200 gram bunny, and a Belgium Bunny 300 grams from Woolworths wrapped in a turquoise foil paper. Can you believe I even convinced my Princess to share hers with me? Terrible mother hey?

I not only stuffed my face with chocolate, although my tummy may argue that- I also shared a wonderful lunch on Good Friday with my Knight. Prawns in a beautiful creamy peri-peri sauce served on chips at a restaurant in Monte Casino called Baro Alto. I finished that meal off with a Portuguese dessert made from egg whites, custard, baked and covered in Maraschino cherries, and slivers of almond.

Came home, and still managed to search for chocolate.

Sunday was a big family day. Lots of cooking. Lots of awesome moments of making sure the food tasted like it was made with as much love as you can humanly possibly give to your in-law family to-be. I think they found the love because they said a few fantastical things about the dishes. Perhaps they were high on chocolate too.

Monday was a day for My Princess. A couple of moms and I took our girls to watch Charlotte’s web at the Johannesburg Children’s theatre in Parktown. It was stunning.

There were a few occasions in which Wilbur was being threatened with his life that I worried I might have some nightmares (more) to deal with. I then realized when Charlotte was saying goodbye, how sad this story really is. Perhaps we shouldn’t have taken them……. They didn’t seem to mention any of it though.

I have tried to become super sensitive since My Princess watched ten minutes of Dr Seuess- The Grinch who stole Christmas a couple of weeks ago. I had read the story to her a number of times, and didn’t even think to “okay” it beforehand. Well, that was a mistake. I should have! She is practically waiting for the Grinch around every corner, and even though the ending is super happy (the Grinch’s heart grows by three sizes), she can only think of how ugly he really is.

I am desperately trying to keep calm while trying to bring her to the realization that nothing in our little world has changed. It has been difficult. It does not seem to be working either, and her imagination has gone off on a tangent. I feel like a terrible mom.

Anyway- back to Day 5’s question. I have never caused a toilet to overflow. Perhaps we have really awesome flushers? Lol. The only time I have seen a bad toilet has been when the water is not working for some reason, and no one is actually able to flush.

Growing up I always stayed in an area in which you never really worried about the sewerage. Things just flowed. Somewhere else. There were a few occasions in which blockages would take place, somewhere else, and drains would overflow. Plumbers would have to stick these hard wire type gadgets down the holes and do what they do.

Moving to the country has been somewhat of a new experience though. Instead of having sewerage which links up to the council, we have our own septic tank. Freaks me out. Yes, somewhere under/in our land is a huge mass (I don’t know how big these things are to be honest) filled with human waste. I have been told that at some point a truck may need to arrive and drain it into his own little mobile septic tank and take it away. Sounds yucky!

I did get some advice from another farm boy that we should flush some liver down every few months. The bacteria that starts munching at that does a whole bunch of more munching after that.

Who knows?

Let’s just pray that I don’t ever have to deal with an overflowing anything.   

If you would like to see where this all started please do visit Tom Baker’s Blog,and my Introduction Post, as well as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4′s questions (which were much cleaner- lol). I am a little behind, but still writing. x



  1. We once had a friend over, he asked to use the restroom, and after a long time of him not coming out, I started to see water coming from under the door. I finally said “Derek, are you ok?” and all I heard back was “Ummmmmm……..” My hubby laughed for months about that. Poor guy, not only did he flood my bathroom, but he did it when I had just finished washing all the towels. URGH

    • I giggled reading that! I think i would have died! xx

  2. I’ve seen commercials that say you should add something to your septic tank to prevent a catastrophe. I forget what it is called.

    • Can i be 100% honest- they don’t advertise anything about septic tanks here. I doubt we would then have those products? Thanks though. Maybe i should try the liver. x

  3. All that talk of chocolate and then… septic tank! Yyyummy…. (NOT!) ha-ha

    • Sorry- didn’t think that through. lol.

  4. With all that chocolate talk I thought you were going somewhere with it.
    Let me just say that we keep a plunger next to our toilets!
    A toilet auger is for clearing toilets and a sewer rod or cable with a machine for drains. Different sizes for different size pipes.
    I have not worked on septic systems so I don’t know much about them.

    • The plumber coming out in you! Great stuff!

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