Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 22, 2012

Not my kindle! That stays.

I think we all realize what a problem technology is today. The fact is that I (and probably you) could not possibly imagine life without my iPhone …. never mind my Mac, Kindle, iPad or electric toothbrush. (I know it once happened. In fact, I was a part of those times. I got my first cell phone when I was 18 and living in London. It was a HUGE thing!) BUT let’s face it- it is a problem that I am not rushing to resolve, nor admit to as a serious problem.

If everyone understood the boundaries of what was polite and decent- when to switch off and when to switch on, than a perfect balance could be found. Right?

So you could imagine my face when my knight walks into the kitchen and tells me that he thinks we should put our gadgets away for two nights of the week.

Let me paint the picture here:

–       I have rushed home, kissed him hello, asked him to join me in the kitchen so we can catch up, and emphasized that the reason why is because I need to start dinner.

–       Nothing.

–       Dinner into full swing, I am leaning on the kitchen cupboards waiting on my asparagus, can’t possibly leave the kitchen now.

–       What do I do- open my Pinterest application on my iPhone.

–       My knight walks in, stops, phone rings, walks out.

–       Then: My knight walks into the kitchen from the phone call that he just walked out of the kitchen for, (when he had taken an original stroll into the kitchen- it was to see what I was fussing over. Before that he had been lying on the couch scrolling through his twitter account), and states that he thinks we should be gadget-less for two nights.

I am “okay” with it. Lets be completely honest- he has a bigger problem than me. I think we could cope. I don’t receive many calls, or messages at night and I can be without a social update for a night or two. He deals with many calls- day and night! Always Work…..mmmmmm. Or so he says. (Wink, wink.) 

And then the wall of bricks hits me.

He is “talking about my Kindle as well.”

“My love, there is nothing wrong with reading. Are you listening to yourself? I read when you are watching something that I don’t want to watch. We are still together. Oh come on! You are saying this because you don’t read.”

“When you are reading we don’t spend time together.”

“I read when you are watching something that I am not particularly interested in.”

“Well then we will watch something together.”

“Do you think that is spending time together?”

And so the conversation flows…he stating that reading is a terrible terrible thing that just takes me out of this world, having my complete focus, and me literally calling him a fool for trying to switch someone off from reading. Imagine teaching your kids that reading is wrong! What planet are we on?

I then matter-of-factly state that I do not believe we have a problem! He disagrees. I finish the conversation off with the fact that he is digging holes that do not need to be dug. Finding solutions for problems, which are not actually there.

If we were to think about this a little more deeply, instead of him coming home and falling into a relaxing state while he “waits” for dinner to be served, he should then spend some time in the kitchen with me. I understand why he feels we do not spend enough time together, because he does not get involved in the routine I have to go through every night until I can have some me time….. yes, this would be after feeding everyone, getting my princess up to bed and reading her a bedtime story. That is when I then may want to switch off. Wind down and relax. And yes, I do go to Pilates 3 nights a week- because it seems to keep me sane. I am home to do all of the above by half past 6.

And yes- reading helps me relax! (Can you see me actually having this conversation with myself?!)

The last two days I have ignored the fact that we even had the conversation. I have done what I do, and I have pointed out on the few occasions how his phone literally sits on his chest while we watch TV together. Allows for quick replies.

I am still a little flabbergasted that he believes I should stop reading. Imagine if I pulled my laptop out and started working through all those blogs I would love to get into. I don’t even look at the freshly pressed page anymore, in fact haven’t for a very long time.

I will continue to read! No doubt about that. And i will continue to make sure that my princess knows that reading is one of the most wonderful things you can learn to love.



  1. I cannot imagine a life without reading. I raised readers. We sit around the dinner table discussing books. We prefer books to tv. I am very sad for the knight who does know the simple pleasure of a great book.

    • I am also very saddened. And Ed- i have tried. I have bought him books that i believe with all my heart he will enjoy! He sometimes starts with the intentions, but they all fall by the way side. x

  2. My husband is the same way! In our early years he was so jealous over my books! He actually would have a fit if I tried to read on a road trip. For the longest time I tried to appease him, but there is just nothing on TV nearly as good as a well written book. Finally, I just had to tell him, I’m was a book worm from the get go, there’s no going back now, so get over it, I’ve got things to read!

    • I think my knight is starting to realize this. I mean, he bought me the Kindle…… did he think it would not be used? Lol. (I initially said that i did not want one. I can now roll on the floor in laughter thinking that that was how i felt.)xx

  3. Now, how about you ladies put on a little something/nothing while you read that would get our attention! Okay…your reading wouldn’t last long either. 😉

    I’m just having fun! 🙂 Seriously! Okay, I want to have fun, that way.

    I’m stopping now…I think I have put guys collective feet in it…while trying to get you know what…. Sheesh! 😉

    Going back to reading blogs now!

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