Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 15, 2012

I am officially a student again. Nothing serious, just ten little squirrels.

It is always intimidating entering a new room especially when there are a couple of huddles of girls chatting.

It is not long before they have all turned around and made sure that they have seen me, and i know it. I grab a seat. Back to varsity like benches- not quite sure how far I can spread, and careful to still make sure everyone around me has enough space for their bubbles around themselves.

It’s not long before I am introduced by a coordinator to the lecturer as the “new girl”. Trying really hard to sound calm and confident, definitely not completely out of my depth, I introduce myself. The lecturer comes up with an awfully long bogus name (something similar to Edwinitha Vonbogtrap) and my jaw drops. How ever will I remember that? A smile. Ah yes, she is joking. Her name is actually Megan.

“All stand up!”

Suddenly all the space I bargained on is gone, and I am in a crowd. A crowd singing and waving their fingers about.

“Ten little squirrels sat on a tree (All the girls are now standing and waving their ten little fingers).

The first two said, “why, what do we see?” (Holding up thumbs now).

The next two said, “a man with a gun” (Holding up both forefingers now).

The next two said, “let’s run, let’s run” (Middle fingers now).

The next two said, “let’s hide in the shade (Ring fingers now).

The next two said, “why, we’re not afraid” (little fingers now).

But bang went the gun, and away they all ran. (loud clapping and giding of all fingers).


My thoughts:

Oh my word! I don’t know that! I have never heard that! Look how I am dressed for this class, in my work heels and smart business attire, and around me are some seriously casual girls……… who all know this song!!! But I do need to get back to work. I did come from work.

I am completely out of my depth! What have I done?

Teaching has crossed my mind so many times in the last couple of years. I have gone through the task of searching what I would have to do, and I have pulled my hair out at whether I want to take that step. Get another degree? Been there, done that, and i hated it! Too many things have always knocked sense into me.

Firstly, I am trying to run a business, get it off the ground and successful… but have found too many demotivating moments/days that don’t point me in a positive direction. Needless to say I AM STILL TRYING TO GET A BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND. Heart, passion and a lot of money have gone into it.

Secondly, do I really want to go through a four-year degree process? Again? To not earn a decent salary and perhaps not even have any say into which school I will be placed? And then to contend with PARENTS? Do I want to put MY FAMILY through that?

Thirdly, MONEY Studying costs money. If I am not working, how will we pay for it. If I am working, it may take 6-7 years (could be a doctor by then- wink, wink). Then on top of it- teaching does not pay well. Can I live without money? Can I find a place that just makes me happy everyday?

Lastly, what about my business (yes, again); my partners; and all the money; soul and heart (mostly my heart and soul) that have gone into it.

I got to a point a couple of weeks ago, that discounted all of this and thought a first step would not necessarily be the solid commitment I have always imagined. I did some enquiring, and googling , some discussing with my knight and then I went and signed myself up for an Early Childhood Development Course. I made a payment before I could even give myself time to change my mind. It is a one year course, and would allow me to teach 5-6 year olds, essentially in South Africa- pre-school. (Grade 0 or Grade R). It would be a great foundation to further studying if I happened to fall in love with the idea, but if I didn’t- it would be great for my family and me.

When I found myself surrounded by hip and happening girls (and one gent), jumping around and having an absolute blast with number rhymes, I wandered if I had actually done the right thing. Am I creative enough? Can I have fun- all day long? Can I be fun- all day long?

I left that class motivated, inspired and remembering why I seem to love children so much more than adults. It is so much easier to show patience to a child, than it is to a person who has had experience and education but still misses the point. I also left feeling a little anxious.

Class 1 was rather challenging for me. The lecturer was a typical nursery school teacher who just kept pulling awesome items out of a magical box and running off in her high-pitched voice with a list of things that each item can be used for, and how numeracy is everywhere.

She was a precious old duck. But at the same time, a grasshopper jumping from one section in the back, to the front, to the middle ….. much like this post it would seem. I have no idea what has been done with me, what has been done without me- and how to prepare for the next class.

It’s once a week, and I have really only told a select few. Their questions/ statements and blank stares have solidified the point that I may not have any idea what I am actually doing. They have also stopped me from telling others. (Never mind getting my business partner in a knot and worrying whether I am going to run off into the night to become a kinder garden teacher and live off bread and jam.)

Let’s see how next week goes!



  1. You’ll work it all out!
    And bread and jam might not be so bad…

    • Bread and jam are not healthy Karyn. Lol. xx

  2. I got your back! If you need help, I’m your girl because ecd is what I do 25 years and counting 🙂 the secret is not knowing the finger plays, the secret is the connection you make with children. 🙂 you’ve got this!

    • You right- I have got this! And if i don’t- I have you! xx

  3. One class and one week at a time, that’s all you can do. The business…one day at a time, but yes a future needs to be planned out. You will know more in a couple weeks or by the end of classes. You got time!

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