Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 8, 2012

Some Oomph to my day!


According to Microsoft Word this means Energy

The Free dictionary states: enthusiasm, vigour, or energy

When I arrived at my car yesterday afternoon, I noticed that there was a note on my windscreen. I was at the Killarney Mall, and had popped in to visit a specific store. I had taken a walk around for an hour and then was rushing to make my way back to the office.

Do I get back out of my car to get the note or do I leave it?

Being in South Africa, I find that I am always on high alert for anything suspicious. Look around, busy parking lot, no individual person looking odd….. get out, keys in hand and grab note. Back in car.


I covered his name and number. Between my fingers it states that his background is red on Facebook. My one friends first comment was that he had shocking hand writing. To be quite honest, i didn't think it was so bad.

Therefore Oomph! (you agree?)

Let’s be honest- I would never call. But since he very clearly stated on the note that he had the red background on Facebook- I could not hold myself back from checking him out. I am positive you would too.

Driving down Oxford Street, here I am looking for “ED” with a red background. (Ed is not his real name of course).

Subject Found.

Shoo wee- quite cute.

Younger than me. 5 years. (Compliment? Yes compliment.)

Self employed.

Friends: 39 (not to be critical but the people younger than me are far more tech savvy and have practically grown up with Facebook. He is either very conservative, or very picky.)

A couple of photos. Holidays. With parents. It would seem some modeling shots too.

Repeat- quite cute.

An awesome ego boost for anyone!

In fact, I am thinking about keeping the note- perhaps scrapping the number and just looking at it whenever I need some motivation for my day.

My knight however didn’t wait long for me to get home before he marched to my car and found it. (Wasn’t quite sure that telling him was a good idea- I didn’t tell anyone else.) Immediately laptop on, and searching for “Ed” with the red background on Facebook. I had a good giggle.  Obviously he went through a list of things that could possibly be wrong with this mad individual, as lets be honest- would anyone normally do something like that?

Yes, yes my love. Would have to be absolutely dippy to see me and find the need to find my car and write a note. 

But it was a nice Oomph in my day! (Whether he is mad or not.)

My new mother in law was pointed out to me, as well as my princesses new stepdad. Hilarious.

I then had to beg My Knight not to send a comment to “Ed”, post on his wall, or start tweeting about him. Imagine how mad my knight would have then looked? How was “Ed” supposed to know that I am in a committed relationship when I wear no ring?

So instead of tweeting about “Ed” my knight then tweets about me and how I described getting a note on my car as “oomph” in my day! Expecting some serious backing from his friends, he was shocked when instead all the girls described how they wish that would happen to them. His sister even continued to say that she clearly needs to talk to him about putting more oomph in my day!

Moral of the story boys- add some oomph to your ladies days. We all need some, and you would be incredibly surprised what an ego boost can do to any girl! After that your answer may be “yes” to anything. x


  1. Nothing wrong with a little OOMPH! I made the mistake of telling my hubby that I get a discount at the Pawn Shop for being one of the managers “favorite pretty ladies” (although I’m certain that list is long and not quite distinguished) so now my hubby frequents the shop and even put the poor guy on blast by asking him “so, you think my wife is pretty do ya?” Yeah, I think I’ll be keeping my oomph to myself and just sharing the smiles it gives me! 🙂

    • YOu had me in giggles when i read this on my phone. x

  2. Flattering ~ smile sweetly to yourself and remind your knight how lucky he is to have you 😉 “…and don’t you forget it!… 😀 😉 “

    • When he got a bit of a wobble i actually told him that “i am so glad i have never told you about the others”. Haha. You should have seen his face. x

  3. Next time you stop leave him a note of “thanks” on your car and see if he gets it and responds!
    Hopefully your knights sister and/or others clue him in a bit and he becomes more chivalrous! Let others do that, you just go on knowingly. 😉 Cuz from and old guy like me, you’ve still got it!

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