Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 8, 2012

Loony? Nah!!!

A few posts ago I was tagged by my blogging friendVickie, and given a list of 11 questions to answer. Part of the rues of being tagged were that you would come up with a NEW 11 questions, and tag 11 people to answer them. I did, and I tried to make it a little interesting, perhaps get a few people to pour out their souls.

What I didn’t consider was that some of the questions would be taken as very personal in nature, and that some of the people I tagged would feel that. I completely forgot that most of the people I read are not anonymous to the outside world and that they really do go by name. They have real followers that they see, perhaps often. Their families are probably some of their biggest supporters, and to be quite honest- I didn’t even consider the fact that their husbands and wives, partners and lovers probably read their writing.

For my blogging friends- I am sorry. 

You see, I have blogging friends, and I have formed a little community based on getting to know each other through writing. People do not google my name, and then find my blog and start reading. No. In fact, they come across my blog…. Either like me or don’t, and only then get to know me. Then either like me more, or wander what ever got them there in the first place.

I formed this blog in order to get personal. I wanted an outlet, a diary. A place I could bitch and moan and document my life, without having to wander what my future father in law thinks, my ex husband, or the school principal. A place to be creative. A place to get all naked with thoughts and words. A place to show every bit of me. The blogging friends that have happened have just been an awesome bonus!!!!!

I know I can’t do that with everyone around me. They would probably think I was loony!! Lets be honest- what do you think the ballet mom’s would say if they knew I was “my naked bokkie” in an alternate reality? My princess may be dancing solo!

Personal? Maybe!

Real? Definitely!

Here? Always!

Loony? You don’t think so! Do you? 



  1. I love that you’re just out there. I keep wanting to write more of my story, but I have followers that are friends/family and I worry that I will offend them if I tell too much of the journey… sometimes I think about creating another blog just to be able to say some of the things that always weigh on my mind, but that I guard inside just to protect someone else from feeling guilty…

    • That is exactly why i didn’t want my name out there. The people that now know what my name is, don’t really care. I think you should start the other blog! x

  2. In many ways I hear what ‘lifewithblondie’ says and I agree. I don’t blog with my real name either, but some who read (or might read) know who I am, and – like ‘blondie’ – I often feel uncertain of how much to say or not. Sometimes I feels that it hampers my writing, but considering the consequences… self control can also be wise. I do write something else where I REALLY say what I think – but that one is blocked to everyone. It helps me to vent, but sometimes it is also some of my best writing, then I feel sad that no one can see it. One thing remains my focus: I HAVE to enjoy it! Sometimes I want to vent, but in talking about it too much, I find it easily spins out of control, and sometimes I’m scared that once I start to bitch, I’ll get stuck and I don’t enjoy excessive negativity. Once in a while maybe, but often my writing is me deliberately distracting myself 😉

    I think you write more positive than negative, so no apology needed here 😉

    • Ah thanks Liane. I think you are able to open your private blog to a select few. I have a friend who has down that. Not sure how- if you want me to ask, I will? xx

      • I am aware how to share selectively, but maybe just not ready to share at all just yet 🙂

  3. Looney? Nah!
    Questions shouldn’t hurt, personal or not and yours were just honest from the heart questions. Some of which, I can understand reactions to, that you mentioned above. I answered them to the best that I could, with as much fun as I could and was not offended in the least. I liked your reply!
    So everyone come read my answers and see I didn’t exactly open up on each one and then do what you can with your answers. Have fun with it!
    None of my 11 have done theirs yet and I can’t get one through to their blog and my additional 12th tag back is not cooperating! SHE remains nameless “nakedly”. 😉 Something about a holiday and now she is back but yet tired from the holiday…oh dear dear dear!!!
    Some times sympathy just oozes from me! 😉
    Oops, the plumber in me just realized that ooze doesn’t smell like sympathy! LOL!!

    • I have now read your comment a couple of times, and still giggle. I can’t believe that NO ONE has responded to your tags? No one? Okay- I promise I will get to it this week! Promise promise promise.

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