Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 7, 2012

A little bird….

A few weeks ago I noticed a little bit of bird CRAP on my side mirror of my car. Nothing serious, but when I looked a little closer it was apparent that the bird had been pecking away at the mirror and my passenger side window. A couple of days later, there was some blood on the window, so obviously the particular bird had hurt himself- but still had the need to peck away.

It has been consistent, but not bad enough that I notice everyday. Obviously it differs somewhat on the days that I come into work versus the days that I do not. I have not yet managed to actually spot the little critter yet.

While being away last week, my car sat in it’s spot for 5 days without moving. Monday morning I was greeted with the amount of bird crap you would find in central park- on my car! Both side mirrors. The windows were both pecked at, for ages. I see little white marks everywhere. I am hoping that is also bird crap and not chips out of my window. My windscreen has got the same crap and marks, as well as my aerial.

It would be apparent that this particular bird has found a potential soul mate that it is trying to mate with- or a potential enemy (not sure if that is me or my car).

Bird crap! An insanely amount for my car!

From a look like my friend!

Can you see those white marks.... either bird crap, glass been chipped away, or his beak falling to pieces

The ladies in my office suggested covering the mirrors, and putting something in the windscreen- but ladies, let’s be honest- by the time I get home, I literally grab everything in the car and try and get in as soon as possible to start the next mommy chore. The last thing on my mind is whether the little f@#$%er is going to have a go at my mirror tonight!



  1. It’s possible that white marks on the side window might be poop on the feet and beak… I’m wondering if he is not parading up and down the window – as if a perch, perhaps pecking at his own reflection in the window… (thinking it’s another bird)… And judging by the mess on the mirror, it is easy to get some of that on himself. Best way to find out is probably to try and clean the window… Doesn’t look too good on the mirrors though – eeuw. If you leave it too long it will become harder to clean and you might damage/scratch the paint, so use fairly warm water to soften it/dissolve it rather than scrubbing. You’ll have to be patient if it’s baked in the sun as well. Not very cool 😦

    • I have been soaking and cleaning EVERYDAY Liane. Every morning a whole new mess. Very frustrating. x

  2. I agree with Liane and the office ladies, slow down a little and try something different.

    • Parked somewhere different this weekend, under a tree 20 metres away from usual spot….guess what? This bird is smart!!! x

      • Roll an old pillow case, torn sheet, or towel up in the window, hanging on the outside. Put a weight in it, but soft, to not damage your car, but keep it from flapping up over your car. Or clip it to the door handle. A large sock or again pillow case or bag over the mirror.

        • That sounds like work Harold…..which isn’t too bad except for the fact that i rush so much once i get home i would probably forget. I may just go ahead and take your suggestion though as it is not slowing down at all. Was hoping that as it was getting chillier here, he would decide that he had had enough and had decided to migrate to America. (LOL). x

  3. Bird sh*t is highly corrosive – I’d keep working on it, as frustrating as it is. Can you put some shiny paper or something on the car as a scarecrow..?

    • I know what you are saying Karyn, the real issue is that by the time i get home i am in such a rush to get food going, groceries in and things moving. The last thing on my mind is getting out a covering to put over my car. I need to seriously think about it though. x

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