Posted by: The Saffa Mom | March 6, 2012

Holidays are never predictable! Or at least this one wasn’t.

To me holidays are really about doing absolutely NOTHING! Perhaps a few things, but more than anything- nothing! And of course- food! Our planed trip was from last Wednesday to Sunday, to Nelspruit as My Knight was working with a international cyclist competing in SA champs! My princess and I were going along for the ride. Of course I knew that it would mean spending time with other people that would be there, that I know and like- all good.

My 4 hour planned reading trip in the passenger seat, was turned into a 4 hour driving position with three small kids in tow! Shoo wee- my princess who always seems to be the smallest, was this time the BIG KID. I think she was even in shock and wandered if she really does want brothers and sisters.

My planned “nothing” turned into serious work! Lol. I did have a few good days of serious bonding with our swiss friends. Our man of the hour actually took first place which was super exciting for my Knight. First time I have seen him cry! In 4 years! When I commented about that, he stated very matter of factly that I had never won a race! Mmmm.

I have now been back for two days, and I feel like I actually need a holiday! A real holiday!

My princess and I after SA champs- just waiting for prize giving!

Officially- the three little monsters!

My princess fell in love with this cat- Pepsi from the guest house we stayed in.

The giraffes at the Mbombela Stadium. Simply magnificent.

Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.


  1. Sounds like the race was exciting and your princess had company. Sometimes a holiday can be tiring and it is good to get home and relax!

    • I wish i didn’t have to rush back to the office. But it was nice. xx

  2. Sounds like a very exciting change of scenery rather than a “holiday” 😉 Wow! Congrats on the win – what a wonderful reward for hours of hard work and dedication. Now it is time to plan a real holiday where NO ONE has to lift a finger, except to have fun 🙂 Really nice pics.

  3. That picture in the empty stadium is cool. Makes me want to jump into the photo and run out onto that field!

  4. […] being away last week, my car sat in it’s spot for 5 days without moving. Monday morning I was greeted with the amount […]

  5. I *always* need a holiday after our holidays! Looks like you had fun, 🙂

    • We had a nice time… still need a holiday! Haha. x

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