Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 23, 2012

Can i make a habit of waking at 5:30am?

A habit can be formed in 21 days. That is what i have heard. 

This week i have woken up 3 times at 5:30. Why, oh why, oh why? I need to try and get some cardio in. Currently non existent, and very needed.

Tuesday i just woke up. I couldnt quite get up. My legs were so stiff from some training i did on Sunday that i didn’t think i would be able to walk to the bathroom never mind on the road. I decided not to fall back to sleep, as that was already a habit.

Yesterday i rode my bicycle (the famous one), and today i did a 40 minute walk. I don’t think a walk qualifies as cardio, but i just can’t get myself to the point of enjoying a run.

The bicycle ride was quite tough actually. I realized why cyclists all wear sunglasses while my eyes were streaming, and my nose was running. I was cold, as winter seems like it is definitely on the way, and 15 minutes in- my ear started throbbing. I sound like an old bat! I also managed to tear a hole into my tracksuit pants- hence the lycra.

As i walked through my gate to leave home- this was the site that confronted me.

Even though it is the iPhone 4s, it doesn't quite capture the colors that were around me

Ten minutes into my walk, i looked to my right and saw God literally pulling back the blankets to wake this world up. 

I live in a beautiful place. I need to remember that every time I pray and be thankful.

Wish me luck in my habit forming 21 days! (Guess i won’t be able to skip Sundays until it has formed (wink, wink))




  1. Walking counts as cardio. Especially when walking at a fast pace. I’m currently training at a pace of 8min per km. I’m hoping to get it down to a consistent 7min. I’m puffing at the end of my 10km… It counts 🙂

    • Oh my word- that must be running Ed. I timed mine this morning and it is taking me ten minutes to walk a km….. and it feels like i am walking fast. Going to have to get going hey. xx

  2. So if you flew me there and I massaged your feet for 21 days would that be a habit for both of us? 🙂

    • That would be an awesome habit!x

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