Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 22, 2012

Would anyone notice 4 toes?

Do you think anyone would notice if I had 4 toes on one of my feet?

I remember working with a girl who had 6 toes, and one day I found myself staring at her feet (before i knew). That was when I realized that I must count sub-consciously. It is a very strange feeling to realize that you have been counting someone’s toes…and want to count again, because you can’t possibly have got that right. Then you realize that you did.

I always wandered if that made life difficult. I think it would have been an awesome party trick! BUT shoe shopping may have proven to be difficult.

My knight thinks he has perfect feet. He says “they are cute.” I don’t know anyone with cute feet- including him. I think feet are terrible things. His feet have toes that literally curl. In his head those would be “athletic feet”. Clenching onto the ground as athletes run? My Pilates instructor agrees that curly toes are hideous, and says that they come from using the wrong muscles. Time to work on your core. You should not be using your toes to balance. He is right.

My knight says that my feet look like platypuses. They probably do. They just spread when they are flat. But I can fit these feet into the skinniest of heels. (And I just love heels. The few times I have worn flat shoes to the office, I have received comments that have never felt good.) Makes stretching my calves in Pilates a traumatic experience.

The thing is- I fit into those gorgeous heels in the morning, but by late afternoon, my 4th toe on my right foot is literally grabbing me by the balls and telling me it is going to paralyse the rest of my leg if I do not get it out asap. My desk is an open plan desk, so I cannot take my shoes off. That specific toe starts to throb. I often slip my foot out and then squeeze it back in just for a few minutes relief.

Option 1: have that specific toe removed? I think it’s a plan.

Option 2: change my job. No longer have the need to wear heels.

I think Option 1 sounds far more realistic at this point. 



  1. Option 3) put a curtain on your desk opening (privacy)
    Option 4) fly me there and I will massage your aching feet ( I like this!)
    everyone else would be jealous

    • That will look delicious hey! (talking about the curtain.)

  2. We had this ugly little mutt once, he had 6 toes on each paw, the one weird toe hung awkwardly off the side of his foot. His name was Rusty, and would you believe he was so ugly that someone stole him right out of our yard? People love ugly things….

    • Haha- you are so right!!!! People do love ugly things. They can’t help but say they are cute. My man says that is what we call “precious”….. it is so ugly that you just feel sorry for it. He dislikes ugly things intensely. xx

      • My best friend and I used to call ugly babies “precious”.. it was our code for “that baby just is NOT cute!” LOL

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