Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 15, 2012

I want a hand made card next year!

I am a HUGE romantic!

I never used to be, but I think life taught me that living in a world in which you don’t do kitsch and cheesy things becomes bland. I never in my entire life saw my mom and dad exchange a gift on Valentines day! (Needless to say they are now divorced…..) I was one of those people who said it was a load of hog wash, and a waste of money. “I don’t just love you on Valentines day- I love you everyday.” The fact is I still didn’t  do any cheesy things to show the man I loved everyday that I love him. I presumed he knew, and life carries on. (Needless to say, I too am divorced.)

My knight has therefore been showered in romance every single valentines day. As corny as he may think it is. (He was also one of those that didn’t believe in the whole thing. Needless to say he is also divorced. DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN?)

Our first Valentines day was everything that would make a boy blush. I handmade the hugest heart card, and tied it to his gate while he was out on his morning cycle ride. He received 4 sms’s from friends passing his home, before he even was able to look at it himself. (I love making boys blush…).

Yesterday was like no other.

I hand made the paper that I wrapped his gifts in. (Okay- not from scratch.) I typed the words of love all over paper with his “name”, “my name” and “forever”, and wrapped his gifts in that. I even coloured all the letter “o’s” in red, which took hours! Chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates. Obviously he would have to share! I also got him an electric toothbrush. Not a very romantic gift….but not something I would buy him for his birthday, and not something he would buy for himself. But something I think we all would appreciate- right?

Lets not forget the hand made cards that my princess and I made. They were beautiful, and filled with words about forever.

No card. No chocolates, and nothing to unwrap in the morning. No flowers. No delivery to the office. Nothing!

“What did you get for Valentines?”


Dinner- yes. (Something.) A very stunning dinner at that. A 6 course meal, which I wore a little black number too. I got a little tipsy on the welcome drink and Kononkop Kadette. I fell in love with the chocolate mousse that the evening ended with, and needless to say am exhausted today. It was a nice. We had entertainment on our left and right side, with the left side half even storming out. They were a young couple, well younger than us, and it ended awfully for them. The jazz band to the side of the restaurant tried to do a couple of Whitney Houston renditions, which were really not good and I thought inappropriate.

BUT still no card! No words of love! No hand picked rose!

I very elegantly informed my knight that next year he better make a card!

It is not about buying something. It is about putting effort INTO something. It is about putting your heart into it. A piece of you. Knowing that you took longer to plan it, than the two minutes it probably took to book a table at a restaurant.

Don’t get me wrong- dinner was stunning! And I am grateful that me and my Valentine had a special evening together. BUT next year- there better be a hand made card! 



  1. Dinner sounds divine! (Not a big fan of chocolate mousse, but divine nonetheless.) Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal in my life – for most of it I didn’t have a Valentine. I am glad though that I no longer want to hide from the world on that day but that I am quite comfortable just being content – as on any other day.

    I agree though: a hand made card is not a too tall order to fill 😉 Hope your knight remembers for next time.

  2. We had dinner out (all 4 of us) at a new Vietnamese place in town, there were only two other tables occupied. I was shocked. Nothing really special but we made an effort to do something, ANYthing. It’s hard with small kids, Little Sister had a tantrum and was sequestered to the car until she stopped. By then the food arrived to the table and she ate noodles. Big Brother made us a card: roses is red, roses is blue, so are you, dad and mom i love you! I cried.

  3. I got nothing! Did I deserve it?
    My joke line is that for her, I left at 7:15 AM and came home at 6 PM. That was her present! She saw it on Facebook and laughed. But while gone, I took our son to school, then went and did a plumbing job and got another one, took my sister to an appointment (I’m her chauffeur), then picked up our son from school. A lot of driving!
    While out though, I picked out a romantic card, a Valentine gift bag that I put two resealable bags of M&M’s in (she likes those), and a bouquet of flowers, that I picked out and added to, and surprised her with them when I got home.
    I tried to get us out for dinner on Sunday evening for an early Valentines date but that didn’t work out.
    She cooked Sloppy Joe’s for dinner (cuz the kids could handle that without us, if I planned something) and I helped out with some of the other items. She went to bed before me…so NO. But Sunday night, yes.
    So I shouldn’t have expected anything Tuesday night? I didn’t expect…that…but at least a little romance? Nope.
    So did I mess up for not getting us out for dinner on Tuesday night too? I tried on Sunday (as a surprise) and did mention it would be an early Valentines dinner…but circumstances stopped it.

    • I think you should plan a date night once every few weeks. Mark it on the calendar and make sure you and her get out. Just the two of you. Your kids are all big now, and will be able to cope. You and her will have some real face to face time. Then you won’t need to worry about the time circumstances do get in the way. xx

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