Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 9, 2012

The most beautiful ……. (wait for it)…..

4 hours a week I know are completely mine. It sounds shocking- but they are 4 hours that I do not negotiate about.  I do not chop and change them. I am committed. (And I wont let my Knight or My Princess manipulate me out of them either- although they try.)

They are the 4 hours that I spend at the Pilates studio, down the road from my office, with my very own Pilates Instructor. Okay- I just imagine him to be completely mine. The fact is that there are generally 8 other people who he belongs to at any one hour that I am there.

I almost always leave there feeling GOOD. Ready to conquer the world. Although more often my mind is ready to conquer, my body is praying for a break. I realize that I need to start incorporating other workouts into my week too- time; a demanding partner/ child/ and work make this difficult. I could convince myself to get up at 5 o’clock every morning, but I am just NOT THAT DETERMINED to run. Until my head is determined, those 4 hours are vitally important to me.

So- back to my hour last night.

I worked hard! I was wet! I was hot and I was ready to go home! I am wiping down my bed, just like every other person is and one of the old ducks in the class, who I really enjoy, says “Bokkie, I just want to tell you something”. Yes Barbara.

“You have the most gorgeous…..(wait for it)…….(bum, stomach, legs- oh please that is why i am here Barbara) ……. (no that’s not it)……. Neck”.

The whole class practically ends up on the floor laughing, and I am a little gob-smacked. I mean thanks for that, but I have never heard anything of the sort. It is the first time ever that someone has ever complimented my neck. In fact, I have actually never heard anyone compliment anyone else on his or her neck.

I think I would have been far more motivated if she had said, “bokkie- you have the most gorgeous bum!”

Then Barbara goes on, “in some of those exercises you look like a swan”.   

Imagine the rest of the class.

 “Ahh, thanks Barbara. I still would have preferred bum.” 



  1. This was funny! I’d take the neck and be happy for it. Swan is better than albatross 😉

  2. Must have close-ups of the neck and other body parts you want compliments of…let us decide! 😉
    I don’t know…something about an exposed female neck and I want to wrap my arms around her from behind and give that neck a good, but gentle, nuzzling. Does that make me romantic? Say yes…PLEASE.
    From that small pic Ed…I like yours!!! 🙂
    Okay…time for a cold shower!!

    • You make me laugh! Ed has a gorgeous neck! x

  3. Haha Harold… You say the sweetest things? 😉

    • 🙂

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