Posted by: The Saffa Mom | February 8, 2012

A toothless princess (courtesy of my MAC)!

In the last two months I have officially managed to become a full on Apple User. Started my collection with the iPad, and then went onto an iPhone….. and now- the mother of all. Most of you know that I am a sucker for technology! So this is officially my first post from my MAC!

To be honest, I am battling. It is all very pretty, but rather confusing when you actually try and work it. I was hoping that it would be like a bigger iPad! NOT!!!! I have so many questions, so might spend some serious time googling things that I knew how to do without thinking twice on ALL previous laptops I have worked on. I battle with change, and sometimes wonder why I put myself through it.

Oh yes, that’s right- because I am cool, and I better not forget it! Wink, wink.

Now back to reality…..

 My Princess has lost her first tooth!

I am yet to see this however. (The cons of being divorced and not having her two nights a week. My Princess sleeps at her dad on a Tuesday night. I only see her after school on a Wednesday afternoon.)

To be fair- I am a complete cow, and probably deserve it.

When she first phoned me in December while away on holiday with her dad for Christmas, she was so excited about a loose tooth. I was devastated! It cant possibly fall out when i am not around! So of course I told her NOT to wiggle it, and that ultimately the tooth fairy would give her more money if he could see that she really tried to keep it for as long as possible. Whether she mentioned any of this to her dad- I don’t know.

Here we are two months down the line… still with all her teeth.

I have HUGE plans taking place in my little head. I am going to write a wee little note and leave that with the money under her pillow, thanking her for her tooth. I am going to sprinkle fairy dust in certain areas and maybe even be able to get some footprints done. Big plans.

Monday night I mention casually after story time that her tooth better not fall out when she is with her dad on Tuesday. (Let’s be honest- I don’t think her dad had the huge plans I had.) Okay- lets be totally honest- I used tone when I said it. IT BETTER NOT FALL OUT WHEN YOU ARE WITH YOUR DAD. Probably not the right thing to have said….. but I really didn’t want that to happen.

In hindsight,  it would all serve me right when she tells me Tuesday evening from her dad’s phone that she knocked her tooth while climbing into the car and it is now hanging onto her gums.

(Let me also mention that her dad called me and gave me a huge mouthful about how my poor child is in a state because she doesn’t want her tooth to fall out while she is not with me. What could I say? I laughed it off. He stated that of course he would make it special!)

This morning her dad sent me a message via “whatsapp”, stating that they had woken up to a toothless princess. That’s right- the tooth was gone! Completely dissapeared!

Her dad managed to place 2 x R5 coins under her pillow (since it is quite easy to distract a 5 year old) and tell her that he is sure that the tooth fairy must have taken it if they cant find it. She went back to double check and found the money.

All my plans gone! She was still completely over the moon!

I never planned missing “any firsts” when I got divorced. But the reality is that this may be one of many.

 I did get the FIRST photo.

The missing piece




  1. My parents are divorced… when I was 4. I empathize with you for the heartache that comes with your situation. I do hope that she gets to lose more teeth with you (even if it is not the first one). What a wonderful memory it could be for her. I don’t know anyone else who have a memory like your idea. (Gone…? maybe she swallowed it in her sleep?..)

    • She defintely swallowed it. I just wander if she will feel it…… lol.
      You don’t need to emphasize with heartache- to be honest we all so much happier- its just those moments. At the moments when i have to give her to her dad for christmas. I remember writing a post once about the pros and cons of divorce. I will have to dig…. but it was mostly about my princess and those pros and cons of bringing up a child in divorce.

  2. There are plenty of other teeth, so hang on to your surprise for the next one. I know the first one is exciting, sorry you missed it. But hey, you could be the one to give her first driving lesson, eh?

    • Ummm……maybe i should skip that first. Haha. Her dad or step dad (to be) can do that. He did quite well at teaching her to ride a bicycle recently. Going to hold onto all my ideas and do them with the next one. xx

  3. There is another reason I’m broke…six kids times how many teeth? How’s that you say…gobsmacked?!
    So yank the next one while she is with you! Then her Dad will call about that state you put her in!
    Okay, so wait, let it happen naturally and keep the plans. Plenty more to go.

    • I know Harold. And yes you also have a point- maybe if they all fall out there he will be the one paying for it. Lol.

  4. […] is that I (and probably you) could not possibly imagine life without my iPhone …. never mind my Mac, Kindle, iPad or electric toothbrush. (I know it once happened. In fact, I was a part of those […]

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