Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 30, 2012

To Pinterest or not to Pinterest!

If you have not heard of “Pinterest” then seriously don’t bother your pretty little head any further.

You see, PINTEREST is one of those things that your fingers will just automatically type into your browser without thought. When you pick your phone up, you may just open the site. When you have a spare minute, you may become consumed……. And when you look again, hours probably may have passed. It will consume you.

I was consumed before I could even register. Let’s compare it to smoking. I desperately wanted to be a smoker before I had even dragged a cigarette. Knowing that it was quite disgusting! Knowing that it could cause sickness in every part of my body. Knowing that I would stink. Knowing that it would be an extra expense. I knew all of this and still wanted to be a smoker! (After years and years, I did manage to call it quits.)

“Pinterest” is the same thing! I had to first apply to PINTEREST to see when they would make a space available…. And then I had to beg one of my friends to invite me, because PINTERST was really taking too long for my liking. That particular friend had just given me a run down of how I would probably have to quit my job, as my production time would decrease by hours. The fact is sometimes I think WordPress has already done that.

Back to my first point- if you have not heard of Pinterest then seriously don’t bother your pretty little head any further.

BUT if you have, and you want me to invite you because PINTEREST is taking too long- just pop your email below and I should be able to get you in. NOTE this comes with a warning!



  1. Looks interesting but busy… might have to come back to it 😉 (Bokkie, that link is not quite directing correctly… just double check it, K? 😉

  2. I triple love pinterest! So addicted… See ya, got to go pin something fabulous 😉

  3. […] To Pinterest or not to Pinterest! ( […]

  4. I hope it doesn’t get Liane by the balls! I would have to think of her in a different light…or maybe…no light at all…. Now I may have to check it out too! I’ll keep my legs crossed…tightly!

    • I’m back after a quicky…Wow that swimsuit bottom!!! Uhm…hard to keep legs crossed now…. 😉

      • Wifey…come here!!!! 😉

      • Harold- you make me laugh so much.
        I think you should register and pin all your wood work stuff, and tag it with prices and yoru website details?
        Maybe some income could come in?

  5. […] PINTEREST makes it more enticing by not allowing you to become a member when YOU actually want to. Instead you have to actually wait until THEY want YOU to! Like the queue outside an awesome club in Camden Town. It is 12 o’clock at night- but that queue is still there. It is freezing, raining and snowing- but guess what? The queue is still there. Same as PINTEREST. You know it is not going to be good for you- but you still want a part of it! (I actually write a post on it not so long ago which you can read about here.) […]

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