Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 25, 2012

Serious Mommy Chores

This morning I found myself doing serious mommy chores.

I sat sewing the elastic into my Princess’s ballet shoes.

Don’t get me wrong- I was not at home doing this in the early hours……oh no, this morning I was so exhausted I only got out of bed after 7. I was sitting behind my laptop with my mug of filter coffee, which only seems to taste awesome at the office, with a needle and thread. The people around me were seeing clients; tying emails; and answering phones. I was figuring out how to use the damn thimble.

This is one of those mommy chores I dislike. I am sure if I am on my way to be the Queen, I would not have to do these? It feels like I have had to do a 100 already. Okay yes, an exaggeration…. Maybe on the way to being a Drama queen! This is my 5th pair in 2 years. (That would feel like a 100 right?)

Deep inside of me I hope that my princess never stops loving ballet. Adult ballet dancers make me stop, stare and feel all mushy inside. BUT at the same token how many of these elastics am I going to have to sew in this life time?

I think someone should invent a machine at the ballet/ dance shop, that once the shoe has been fitted, staples the elastic to the shoe with a pink, beautiful industrial staple. We could even put some diamantes on the sides?

If I get a chance I will post a photo of my princess just before she gets shuffled into class.


15:54 pm- as promised some pictures of my little princess as a ballet dancer.

On her toes....


A very fake smile- ah come on mom!



  1. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of anyone doing ballet. The kiddies are more sweet than the grown ups, I agree – something about men in tights, I think. (blush) I like the new blog title! Precisely the idea that I’m learning about now. Looks can be so deceiving but I have a new respect for people who are honest enough to admit that life is not a fairy tale. You work at it, you make choices, you learn through the challenges, you choose to love and no, it is not always easy, but the reward is sweet.

    • Hi Liane, it’s the bodies that get me all gob smacked. Those girls are just powerful.
      I am glad you like my new blog title- i think it is perfect actually. (Since my life can be such a chaotic mess at times….)
      You got it so rightthee- you choose to love. Yes, love is a choice! Not an easy one.
      Thanks for your precious comments.

  2. Aww she is adorable, a pretty pink prima ballerina! She started at age 4? Little Sister here loves to dance, she might be a good candidate for a class. Might need to learn your sewing techniques for the shoes!
    Be well,

    • Thanks Chef. She started at 3 and a half, but it was more play….. i think now they are getting a little bit more serious. xx

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