Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 24, 2012

And my new Blog name will be…………….

If you are new to the blogging world, and have yet to choose a username, or a blog name- please think carefully about it!

We all learn from our mistakes, right? BUT by the time we learn, we can only fix a certain few……. The others we just need to live with. (My tattoo that no one can quite imagine to be feathers and beads from an American Indian theme is something that would fall under that category. Read about it here. Maybe I just have no creative friends- right? But to be fair- it could resemble an insect like looking thing.)

I started feeling that way about my Blog name very recently. I posted about it and offered all my readers an opportunity to change it. I also offered my readers a PRIZE. Who doesn’t want to win something? Well, apparently lots of readers. (Wink, wink). Hundreds. (Now imagine me rolling on the floor laughing.) Okay, the prize was a guest blog opportunity- right here! A flipping awesome idea- right?

A few creative minds put some great ideas together. Most of these people have been readers for some time now, and have become my blog friends. It really is awesome to have a group of people connected through a server in one place, and originate from all over the world. I think if I were to meet these people in person, it would probably feel like we had known each other for the last life time. Like meeting an old friend for a coffee….. or a glass (two, three) of wine and a good dinner.

Thank you to Harold, Steve, Chef, and Chris for putting some awesome names together. I really liked so many of them.Take a look at their blogs, i have hyperlnked them.

BUT the one I liked most was from my dear friend Ed.

When I read hers, I almost fell in love with it. “That’s perfect.” It wasn’t all cute and puppy like.It was real. It was MY life.

It was the realisations we have all had- especially me, on this journey that I have made so far. This journey that I am not quite sure where I am going with- but with one ultimate goal in sight- happiness. I think we all have that deep down, and to be honest, I think we all wonder if we are there at times. It is hard work, and it means that we need to be the ones putting it together. We cannot depend on others to make us happy. Have most of us realised that?

“Happy isn’t always a Fairy tale.”

Fairy tales always seem to have happy endings don’t they? They also always seem to be end up with a prince and his princess getting married and living happily ever after. (I wish that was not the case because my 5 year old princess thinks she was born to get married!)  

My blog is filled with my princess (my 5 year old little girl), and my knight (my man who shares my life but that I am not yet married to) already.

I don’t really want to refer to myself as a queen- not just yet. I just turned 31 and it would seem very premature to call myself that.

I am not quite sure who the prince would be either…..but it would seem that my blog is on it’s way to looking very much like a badly written fairy tale. In fact the last year or two have been much of a soapie type drama that seems to wind on forever.

BUT I am happy.

Happy in this chaotic mess that definitely does not resemble a fairy tale.

We choose happiness. We don’t inherit it.

I think I love it! What do you think?

That would essentially mean that my friend- the Edmonton Tourist has won herself somewhat of a prestigious award as a guest blogger on this Blog. Yah!!!! To the hundreds, if not thousands of people who are going to read her words, you may just fall in love.

Now, the next task would be putting it altogether.

(To those of you that would like to read why I originally called myself mynakedbokkie- follow this link. Then came my original Blog name,  husbands4hire, I had a reason for that too.)

Before i forget- will all my awesome followers remember to change my name? Thank you. xx



  1. Congratulations to Ed! I agree she nailed it! A great title! One more exclamation point and maybe she will give me a guest spot! Oops, there it is!

    • Thanks Harold! Come over to my blog and guest blog over there, its a sad consulation prize but its fun to guest post 🙂

      • I already have a topic- how to be a dad to 8 kids. (Sorry Harold, but you know i am still battling with that.)

        • That’s okay, but limit it to 6 kids not 8, we did. One topic is on my blog right now! A shameless self promotion.

          • Why do i keep thinking 8? Maybe once someone goes over 4 it all gets fuzzy for me. I still take my hat off to you! We have good friends who have 5 kids, and it is pretty awesome when we have family gatherings. Loved your post! x

    • Ed gives away everything that she can. So i dont think that will be too hard. And yes, I think she nailed it. xx

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    This is my second wordpress contest I have won in January!!!!! I am searching for a cash prize for the next contest I enter 🙂

    I need so time to think about collecting my prize… hmmmm

    Thanks Bokkie!!! mmmmmuuuuuaaaahhhhhhhhh

    • I will put up accomodation in Africa if you woudl liek that as a prize! And food! (wink, wink)
      Pleasure my precious friend.

  3. Congrats E.T. 🙂 Love the picture at the header too, where is that castle? As for my dear bookie, maybe you should call youself “Queenbokkie” 😛 You have every right to be the Queen of your castle no matter what your age, it’s a girl power thing, just go with it!

    • The castle is called Vianden Castle, it’s in Europe. Now a monument, but obviously once upon a time a home, built between teh 11th and 14th century. The website address is
      To be honest, i haven’t been there but think now that i have used their image shoudl make a pointof putting it onto my bucket list and actually getting there. Would you agree?

      • For sure! I visited a castle or two in Germany and a palace in India, all worthwhile and I want to see more 🙂 There is a stunning one in Switzerland I’m told. Of course, Buckingham should be included too.

        • I have seen Buckingham a few times, and did a tour in the Summer months when i lived there- in 1999. It was pretty WOW. Unbelievable that people live there. xx

  4. I have a princess I kiss goodnight, and she is my queen.

    Nice choice.


    • I hope you tell her that every day Don.
      I also thoght it was a good choice.

  5. An excellent choice! Looking forward to reading the guest post!

    • Me too actually.
      ED- the pressure is on!!!!

  6. […] into my head that has NOTHING to do with coffee or diamonds and TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wake up to discover my entry was the lucky one! Yay […]

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