Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 19, 2012

Roses, Lindt Chocolate, and early birthday wishes!

Yesterday, in a flat spin, ten minutes before I had to leave the office- I decided to get onto the Netflorist site and have them send flowers to one of my best friends for her birthday TODAY! When you in a huge rush, no one can be quick enough and this was exactly the case with the site and perhaps my bad connection.

I found a gorgeous bundle of sunflowers which I thought would be perfect, I added a gift bag of Nougat (Sally Williams- who couldn’t fall in love with that), and I had a beautiful message printed in the card.

Of course there were a few lines within that order that stated that if they could not produce the exact requirements, they would get pretty close. (I have seen sunflowers everywhere at the moment, so I didn’t think too much into it.)

Order done. Feel Good. Will be a nice surprize. Rush off to pilates!


Running through my emails, one of them being the Netflorist order confirmation, I double check that everything is correct- although it would probably be too late if it wasn’t.

While that email is OPEN a delivery person walks through the door with a bunch of long stem roses and a box of Lindt.

Huh??? What are you doing here?

Obviously I start telling the guy that he has delivered it to the wrong person. I then proceed to show him the invoice, conveniently still open and the address where the order should be going. I also explain my disappointment with the fact that these were supposed to be sunflowers, although still beautiful, and the chocolates (still awesome) were supposed to be Sally Williams Nougat.

He gets on the phone to his boss, Stan, who I then chat to.

Guess what…. Order was for me! From my knight’s sister- early birthday present! What a wonderful surprize.

Quite coincidental hey?



  1. What a wonderful surprise! How entertaining it can be when we don’t connect the dots 😀 Enjoy the flowers; they are beautiful!

    • They are. And they are still alive. My house looks stunning with bunches everywhere. x

  2. Yes, ENJOY!

  3. Those are the best surprises!!

    • and i LOVE surprizes. Dont get enough. xx

  4. and your birthday is when? I could probably dig through last years posts and find out, but if you just tell us here, than we can all wish you a happy birthday here… and on Facebook too!! 🙂

    • Thanks Steve. I havent had a chance to get on here. My birthday was on Sunday, and i think i did get a message from you on facebook. Thank you. x

  5. Amazing coincidence. Happy birthday in advance 🙂 xxx

    • This comment came up in my spam! Thank you Cindy. xx

  6. Aww… they are beautiful! Happy Birthday!

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