Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 18, 2012

Jess, Laila, give and take.

About a year ago, we were blessed with a black and white bundle of ticks and fleas. I had so many mixed emotions when my knight brought this Border collie/ scruff that he had found in the middle of nowhere- home.We doubt she was even 4 weeks old.

We called her Jess. If you would like to read one, or two posts about her and how she really came to be a part of our lives- please click on the links.

This is Jess now.

Jess was clearly special since before her my knight was convinced that the ONLY dogs we would ever have would be German Shephards. Me being more of a mutt type of doggy person, was bothered that my man was battling to find anything gorgeous in a Boxer, Rottweiler or a Bulldog.  In fact, anything that had a shorter nose, and was a little more muscle. (At least we both dislike small dogs.)

Jess seemed to break that mould. She wrapped my knight around her little tail, and managed to knot him there. He cannot see ANYTHING wrong with her.

She is the smartest dog on this planet!! In fact, in this Universe!!

Before Jess, I thought that it was odd when I heard of couples refer to “each other’s” dogs. Almost as if they were brought into the relationship as baggage from previous relationships. They never seemed to be loved with the same amount of love from both parties. I battled to comprehend that. You don’t love one child more than another- do you? (I only have one child so couldn’t answer that, but I would assume that you love your children the same?) Perhaps it is more a question of like. Yes I may love you, but I still might not like many of your traits. Right?

Well, that is how I feel about Jess. I now understand.

Jess barks all the time. (All the time!) And she does not stop. No matter what.

My knight: “my love, she is protecting us. She believes that she is doing the right thing.”

“My little security guard.”

More like OVER PROTECTIVE scruff! (We don’t need a security guard, we have two German Shephards already.) She must have some yapper in her somewhere.

If she stopped when I told her to stop, or in fact when my knight did, then I could agree with his idea that she really is the cleverest dog ever! But she doesn’t.

Let’s call her in when we do have guests that we cannot even greet due to the incessant high pitched bark of our much loved mutt!

She then bolts.

Instead of “come Jess”, she hears “run Jess”.

And then continues to bark.

Yes, Jess irritates me. I love her, but she REALLY irritates me.

Luckily I now have my own beautiful mutt that has captured every piece of my heart. Laila (as in Muhammed Ali’s daughter who use to be a professional boxer) is a brindle coloured Boxer who runs around like a baby elephant. When she is happy, she cannot just wag her tail- her whole bottom has to move in sync. She cannot control which direction her ears fall, and I could probably fit a whole finger between her overbite. She was born on the 25th August, and became ours in November.

Laila is everything that my knight dislikes about dogs. (But he does love Laila.)

Laila symbolises more than the dog I wanted as a part of our family. Laila shows me that my knight is willing to compromise. He is willing to go against everything he has always believed, and he is willing to drop that stubborn wall. Laila showed me that my knight does love me more than I ever thought.

My knight is a “never ever” person. Hard core stubborn decision maker. Laila showed me that my knight was willing to have a home filled with equality. It sounds silly, but to be happy we all need to compromise on giving and taking. Our home has clearly become that.

Meet Laila everybody.

Rosso, Laila and Jess



  1. Welcome Laila, make up for Jess, would you?

    • Just because i have Laila- Jess is safe. x

  2. Maybe Laila can teach Jess some manners 🙂 Like I said, I had a sheltie-collie cross (Jessica) growing up on the farm, I adored her. But now that I have my very own Boston Terrier (Pepper) I could not live without her! Hubby had boxers when he was young, he would love your Laila! (I would too, Boxers are cute and smart)

    • Going to tell my Knight that someone else believes boxer’s are smart. He thinks not.
      Boston Terriers are beautiful when they black and white. I am a littel scared of the plain black ones, i think they look like bats. I am sure yours is just precious.

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