Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 17, 2012

Do you have ear dimples, or anything else that may never change?

I have found myself a few times reading through books, and stories about children being kidnapped at a young age and disappearing for YEARS to suddenly return. I think I would die of a broken heart if that were to ever happen to my Princess. I cannot possibly imagine how these mothers have felt. The pain must be immense; the constant longing and the endless searching must be incomprehensible.

When Madelain disappeared while on holiday with her family, I remember the photo of her being posted on every News channel available. I also remember posters up in the airport here in Johannesburg. Her eye was always the most prominent thing.

In years to come she would probably grow up completely different, and yet her eye would still be the distinct feature that would make her recognizable.

I don’t have anything of that sort.( Well, I didn’t growing up. Now I have a couple of tattoos.) Would my mother have been able to recognize me after 7; 8; 10 years? No, I don’t think so. My sister is a different story. When she was born, she had a red port stain down her right leg- from her hip to her ankle. It literally looked like someone had just thrown maroon paint onto her. She is now 28 and it has drastically reduced in colour, but it is still there. At certain stages in her life my parents looked at options of doing lazer and plastic surgery, I am not sure about the exact details, but those options faded as they realised that my sister was not really fussed about it. She was not a girly girl like me. I cared too much about what people thought, and she was completely opposite.

My princess was born with “something”. Until recently I did not think too much about it, although I did think it was rather special. When she was a few days old a nurse told me that these were good luck. (I don’t really think there is such a thing as luck though.)

Logan has “ear dimples”. They are tiny holes (or dents) adjacent to her ears. Just off the top, on her face. People were often mistaken that we had to tried to pierce her ears and we never had an explanation as to what they were.

The Scientific name is Preauricular Pit. Others are Congenital Auricular fistula; Ear Pit; Preauricular Cyst.



In the last few days I did a little bit of googling, and found that this is actually a malformation of the preauricular soft tissue. It happens during embryogenesis and is closely associated with development of the auricle during the 6th week of gestation (according to

The site above and Wikipedia mentioned that these would normally be inherited, although My Princess’s dad and I both knew no one who had a similar trait. According to the stats that were presented in the United States this occurs in 0.1- 0.9%; Hungary 0.47%; 0.9% England; and Taiwan 2.5% of the population. Africa was said to be between 4-10%.

It also stated that there is only a 25% chance of having them on both sides.

As I started getting involved in some of the forums I got a little scared, and decided to stop. Many people spoke about these dents leading to infections, anti-biotics, and operations. I now realise that these precious little dimples may never present with any problems, however it would be good to keep in mind.

My princess is not perfect, but she is special. Her little malformation, and those blue eyes will always make her recognizable. (oh yes, and the scar under her chin.)

Did you have anything growing up?



  1. I fell down and hit my head on a sharp rock when I was very small. I don’t remember it but I have a slight scar. Would my mother recognize/remember it though? Hmm… I don’t know. I have to say though, that when I look at pictures of me I still see a lot of the same features in my face than I had when I was a young teenager, maybe 13. To myself I still look quite the same. Maybe it is because I see myself in the mirror everyday… I’d recognize me anywhere, anytime 😉

    • The things is most kids that are taken are much younger. Not old enough to really make sense of the situation. Do you look the sameas yoru did when you were 3, 4, 5 or 6. I dont think i do. In fact, people look at my ID photo and cant believe its the same person. Although i dont think much has really changed. I have a hair change and have to look at myself twice. Haha. Funny how our hair can really change our whole look hey. xx

  2. I have a mole under my mustache that my wife didn’t even know about until I shaved it once. Also one somewhere else. Don’t ask, I’m not telling!

    • Haha. Lucky you havent been taken, because they would have had to have shaved everyone and let them run around naked. xx

  3. I know my child so well, I would recognise her with my hands if I were blind …

    • I would like to think that of my princess too, but after years apart would our mind really remember everything. I hope so. IN fact, i hope i never have to find out. xx

  4. My son, as well as my mom have this little “dipple” exactly where your daughter has hers above the ear. I don’t know much about it, but think as long as it’s left alone that it won’t become infected. I know some folks complain of it being smelly or oozing things, which I’m sure leads folks to pick and cause some sort of infection. My son is 19 and never had any issues.

    • So i should be grateful that hers has never oozed anything. Haha. Will keep that in mind. Thanks for popping past. xx

  5. HIya, My 5 yearold has one on each ear, I was told by the nurse at birth, that this usually meant he would be deaf but his hearing has been tested and is fine.
    I have also been told it was due to malformation of the kidneys in utero, My boy had cyst in his kidneys at the 20 week ultrasound, and I was told that one was useless while the other was dilated. When he was born they were both dilated but okay, they did a few tests and he was given the all clear at about one year old.
    The conclusion I have come to is that I have no idea what has caused them but am thankful he is not deaf or on dialisis. Prehaps someone should research it to save mums alot of unnecessary worry!!

    • Oh my- so many answers but all a load of crap. I feel that way sometimes about googling things. YOu able to get so many answers- but how do you know if any of them are real, true and credible?
      Thanks for popping past Jules. xx

  6. I know this an old post but im 22 and i have one of those on my ears or above it or whatever. My parents never noticed it when I was little but i eventually found it. I told my mom and she took me to the doctor and the took a culture from it but never got back to me. SO im guessing its nothing too dangerous. Still would like to know what it is and where it came from. I also had something on my other ear when i was born. . .at first the doctors thought it was cancer but later figured it out that it wasn’t. But now its getting bigger so that’s how I stumbled across this post 🙂 lol

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