Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 10, 2012

Give me a new name for my blog! Please!!

I don’t really know what I set out to do when I entered the blogging world. I guess I had so much on my shoulders that I just wanted to start putting into words. Obviously I wanted to be entertaining. I wanted everyone to like me, and to laugh their silly socks off when they were reading my posts. A huge part of me wanted to say that I could write. An author. Have a best selling novel one day, and you know what that dream looks like? Don’t you? (Skip that.)

I visited once, got lost in all it’s pages, then while driving saw a silly sign (“husbands 4 hire”), and went wild. (When I look back now, I did not think too carefully about the whole thing.) Determined to use the name, I was suddenly hit with the fact that I had to have a USERNAME (as well) while registering. A user name? Oh Great!

Tried one, tried two, tried thirty one and thirty two.

A slight exaggeration, but do you know how many Blogs there are registered on wordpress?

My Naked Bokkie it became. Actually- mynakedbokkie. (Silly me didn’t realise that you could actually use spaces.)

Did I realise that I may never be able to change it?

No! (Silly Me!)

Did I think about the fact that this site “husbands4hire”, and my username “mynakedbokkie” really did not portray ANYTHING of what my blog would actually be about?

No! (Silly Me!)

At that stage I had NO idea what my blog would be about.

No. Instead I came up with so many reasons why these names were super super awesome. Let’s be honest- they are just a little. (Please do read all about them and my picture behind the words on my page “And the name?” and at the post “what the Frikkadel is a Naked Bokkie?”)

One thing we should ALWAYS keep in mind, and which sometimes comes back to kick us in the butt- is that THERE ARE ALWAYS CONSEQUENCES.

Always! It is not even a fact that can be negotiated. Taxes, death and consequences!  

The consequences of rushing things:

  • I probably will not be visited by loads of new faces.
  • I will probably never be freshly pressed.
  • I probably will not be able to print out this blog and sell it as a book one day.

The probabilities.

I am probably what parents block their children against seeing in searches…… Anything that has the word “naked” in it, and anything that talks about “woman” or “men for hire”. (I would block that on my internet searches if I knew how!)

Now, I have a blog that really is about me and my life.

Sometimes something worldly pops in, but most times- not.

There is nothing naked about it- except my raw feelings at times. There is no skin, there are no men, there are no husbands, never mind husbands that are for hire. No men seem to work in my blog (wink, wink). I am not a freaking bokkie- although I call everyone else that I love that, and do not feel comfortable naked at all. Note- you will never find naked pictures on my blog!

The people that read my blog are people that I believe like me. Special friendships. You have all gotten past the names and potential connotations (which I clearly never thought hard about) and read my blog because of “me”.

I am now getting to the point….

I cannot change my username. That’s okay. I have grown a little fond of it, and it isn’t so bad.

I CAN CHANGE MY BLOG’s NAME. (Although I do still need to work out how.)

The first step in this process would be picking a new blog name. I thought long and hard about this. Midnite Chef gave me a great idea a little while ago when she held a competition on her blog. (I didn’t enter as the postage would have cost more than the prize). It was an awesome idea though.

Here it is. Competition time!!!!

To enter please submit (in the comments) a potential new blog name for my blog. If you don’t know me really well, read through some of my posts. If you do- you may already have an idea. Please say yes! (One that has nothing about boys, or girl, or husbands, or wives in it.)

The prize….. A Guest Blog- here! (Edmonton Tourist gave me this idea. Thank you my friend.)

Okay, I know that I don’t have hundreds of subscribers, and I know that you may not even increase your following drastically, but you may have just a little bit of fun. Consolation Prize: new people will see you!

Competition closes next week Wednesday the 18th January 2012.

Dear Potential Winner,

You know I will be indefinitely be indebted to you, and promise to pay in comments over this blog’s lifetime (wink, wink).

My Naked Bokkie.




  1. Since you have knights and princess’ in your everyday musings, my vote for a new title is “Happy isn’t always a Fairytale”


  2. I might combine what you do with where you are or who you are or something like that. Your user name might have been a good title but I see you are trying to get away from an unclothed reference. But still something along that line?
    This just hit me…InsideOut Since we love you…your endearing to us…Bokkie InsideOut Or some other endearing term/name for you…put first or last InsideOut Bokkie
    So these are my ideas
    Bokkie InsideOut
    InsideOut Bokkie
    InsideOut in South Africa

  3. Hmmm… this is gonna take more thought than the usual few seconds I spend leaving a comment. I’ll be back!!

    • One more day to come back Steve……. you coming? x

      • Ugghh… I have been away from WordPress for a week and a 1/2 and forgot about this… SORRY!!!! Probably too late but I thought about this and I wouldn’t over analyze it. Here’s a few thoughts anyhow.

        “The Sun Always Rises” (based on the challenges you have encountered over the last year, plus you’re often talking about sunrises/sunsets)

        “Girl Next Door” (from your tagline)

        “Life on the Edge” (of the continent, of course!)

        oh well, that’s all I’ve got! 🙂

  4. Personally, I like the name husbands4hire 🙂 It’s catchy and you can remember it. But for the sake of your plea I will throw in some ideas…

    Princess in/of South Africa
    Stumbling Without Falling (A journey of a Mum and her Princess)
    Courage Under Fire-Breathing Dragons
    Queendom of Bokkies

    Sorry my contest is for “locals”, and yes a cookie press mailed to you would cost me so much! If I win the lottery, I’ll send you one 🙂 Or better yet – hand deliver it!!!

  5. […] xx  PS:  […]

  6. I’m with the whole castle, fairy-tale thing…I think “A Queen’s Castle–Tales of My Knights, Princesses, and the Occasional Dragon”

  7. My brain is mush from playing Words With Friends a little too much, but um how about something like Musings from the Castle or Knight and Day or Musings from the Moat (you could still use the boat or Thoughts from the Throne….
    My head hurts..I will have to think of others..unless you don’t want a princess theme. you could use names such as, The Write Stuff…Two Writes Don’t Make a Wrong” (ok, I have to quit now…lol) Vickie

  8. […] action! As soon as it arrives in my mailbox I am giving it a go!! Then I enter another contest to Name That Blog right here on Bokkie’s sight. I write down the first thing that pops into my head that has NOTHING to do with coffee or diamonds […]

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