Posted by: The Saffa Mom | January 3, 2012

Do sunsets look like this all over the world?

We spent the day at the Vaal yesterday. It was a stunning afternoon. We stopped and had a drink just before the sun set, and this was our reward! I often wander if everyone around the world has been lucky enough to see this, or just us lucky few here in South Africa.

Would I want to be anywhere else.




  1. We sure do have breathtaking ones, Eh. Happy new year, bokkie.

    • Simply teh best. Happy New Year to you too Cin. xx

  2. Isn’t it amazing how we can see the same sun setting and everywhere in the world the sunset looks different every day! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around such infinite creativity. Totally awesome!

  3. I am reminded of the scene in Roots where he looks up at the moon and wonders if his people back in Africa are looking at the same moon?

    Morning picture or evening. They are majestic and beautiful, eh?


    • Completely and utterly. ALthough i dont quite think we can compare the morning to the evening. (Perhaps thats because i am never up early enough- LOL).

  4. That’s a beauty alright! Being in special places makes the even more so.

    • Especially after an awesome day. xx

  5. We do have sunsets like that, the problem is often that it never looks quite as good in the photo. This one turned out pretty good. I think I mentioned in a comment to you a long time ago, we have some sunrises over the farm field across the road from us, where a big orange ball is coming up over the trees, and somehow that makes me think of what Africa must look like.

    • Africa is so very very diverse. We have every type of natural beauty you could imagine, from wet forest, to dry dense veld. It really is an awesome home. xx

  6. Have you ever seen Big Texas skies?

    • No Chef, perhaps you should post a pic? xx

  7. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I think they look great everywhere I’ve seen them, but this one might take the cake!

  8. I’m enjoying your blog this morning and this is a great way to end it. I love sunsets. I think I came here from the Edmonton Tourists site but I’ve been all over the internet this morning. I hate to admit it but it was your username that got me here but your content that will keep me coming back.

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