Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 24, 2011

I am officially an I-user

It’s the day before Christmas and I have officially become an I-user. Okay, so I don’t have the iPhone yet……but I do now have an iPad. And this is where I write from. It is quite a beautiful piece of technology!

I don’t quite know what is am doing yet! And can’t find all the great apps that I thought I would love. So my question to all of you is- can you add to this post?

Merry merry!!!



  1. A beautiful, shiny new iPAD… “sigh”… I’d love an iPAD! Well, I can at least read your post and enter a comment! Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

    • Must be honest Steve- i think you should make a plan. Sell the goats! Have an awesome day tomorrow! X

  2. Merry Christmas! Unfortunately I can’t help you with the app’s but I hope you manage and have lots and lots and lots and… (you catch my drift 😉 fun!

    • I catch your drift…….. And I think I will. Thank you. Have a beautiful day tomorrow. X

  3. The applestore is now to be your best friend, they have more apps than you can shake a stick at. The vast majority come with a fee. I chose an android tablet myself, never had to by an app yet. The ipad is cool and works well though.

    Merry Christmas

  4. “So my question to all of you is- can you add to this post?” My answer would be to that one …. no. The only thing we can do is “comment on the post” you alone have the editorial powers and this function is not available to us (the readers).

    I don’t have any ap doo-hickey’s or I thingys and I am definitely old school when it comes to it. Never got on board with it in the beginning and I feel now that I am so far behind the curve that I will never catch up.

    But really … what does it matter? It is all about communication, and if you can do that (using any means at your disposal) then that would seem like the best route to take.

    Now in my short time I see a lot of things, and almost always I am flabbergasted or amazed by something new, today I came here and I found another. “Yadayadafishpaste?”

    I am almost afraid to ask …..

    Murry Kristmus!


    • Don– it is never ever too late! I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow. We all may need to work a little hard to make things special. Me most. Xx

  5. Hey girl, something amiss with your home page, I click on your links in the calendar and it takes me to blank pages.

    Just thought you might want to know?


    • Don thanks. Must be honest, my WordPress site has upset me in recent months. Deletes my pictures and all sorts, and as you know the support is non supportal. (that might not be a real word). Let me take a look. Xx

  6. Merry Christmas Kelly! I carry my iPad around like it’s my child. My fav apps are instagram, score (for my hockey updates), various ereaders like kobo and book, I love Martha Stewart, New York Times and their Crossword. I write my papers for school on Pages and use an app to write on PDF files for a book I am collaborating on. I use iMovie and Colour Splash, I have a lot of fun editing photos and video. I have telivision apps to watch shows when I want too not when they are on tv. I have apps for work and use it with the children. It plays Christmas music and I can facetime with my family and friends, I guess I could facetime with you too! I have given vlogging a try because it is super easy but mostly I use it as my library it holds my books for fun and text books and journals for universty. I am screwed if I loose it. Luckily Icloud holds onto all my junk in case that happens. Way better gift than a bike!!!! hahaha
    Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas xxxx

  7. […] probably you) could not possibly imagine life without my iPhone …. never mind my Mac, Kindle, iPad or electric toothbrush. (I know it once happened. In fact, I was a part of those times. I got my […]

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