Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 9, 2011

15 days to Christmas!

This year My Princess is with her dad for Christmas. I knew this getting divorced, and I know this every year. But I still don’t like it. And I will still cry!

It is going to be a tough Christmas, so I am trying super super hard to make sure it still special.

For those of you who have been avid blog followers you would remember that last year was possibly the worst Christmas I ever had to endear. I didn’t think that things could get lower. I being super positive did my utmost to make it great, my mom did her utmost to make it memorable…For all the wrong reasons. Who could blame her? We were all in fact a little sore. My dad had walked out the year before (in fact two days before that Christmas), and so it was her first (I say first because the year before we were all in shock and forgot about Christmas) Christmas without her man to wake up too. Without our dad. It was also the first Christmas that we did not have my gran.

The 25th December 2010 was a complete and utter disaster. I think God understood that I was just a little pissed off.

Now, this year. Taking a look at the past 12 months- it could possibly be worse. (Please God don’t let that happen).  As much as I am trying super duper hard to make sure we have a whole bunch of people there- happy people, my brother is another person who will no longer be sharing this special occasion with us.

And this year my princess. This would be one of the cons of being divorced.

So, I have gone and bought a whole bunch of wall murals with fairies, castles hearts and flower pictures (from and I going to be so super excited to tell My Princess that Father Christmas did her walls beautifully.

I haven’t quite decided what else Father Christmas is going to be leaving under the tree for My Princess. Her letter has asked for a prince (Not a King) and Queen. Who knows what she meant by prince and queen…….. Should my Knight and I get dressed up, or should I just try and find some figurines? And please tell me, where am I going to find a Queen figurine? At least there will be a castle on her wall.

I might not decide until I actually go shopping which may at this rate be after Christmas. Haha. My Princess is back on the 30th December. Just in time for her father to have a healthy piss up welcoming the New Year- how convenient. That sounded harsh hey? It was meant to.

Let’s start counting down. 15 days to go!!!!



  1. You will make it, focus on the good things you have going for you in life, I know it has been a year of loss and things have not gone well. But if you do something nice for someone else (waitress, waitstaff in restaurant, store clerk, etc, etc) it will help YOU immensely.

    Our kids, who believe they are entitled for some reason, got to the point where they were basically selfish and unappreciative of what we did for them. So I just stopped.

    Now I take the funds that I would normally spend on them, and I spread them out over the community on people who need it and will receive it with gratitude.

    It sure makes you feel special and warm deep inside.

    Instead of getting the kids something, I go to the store and I buy three turkeys and then give it to the folks at the homeless shelter, or I take something to a family in need (most churches know of such folks or have a list) and I bring Christmas BACK TO Christmas.

    Works for me Sis. I know you will be sad, but there is hope, look for the rainbow.

    Merry Christmas,


    • You know Don- you are so right! I am sure we will chat again before Christmas.

  2. I do hope that the occasion will exceed your expectation by far in a good way! That wall painting idea sounds awesome! Don’t cry now, you need to see so you can get it just right. I think she’s going to like it a lot!

    • I think that it is going to look awesome. I will make sure i actually do a post about it. xx

  3. Family in itself is a fragile and volatile thing. I miss the old days back home during the holidays, my new “family” still seems a bit awkward. I compensate by cooking and baking to occupy my lonely heart 😦
    I think it’s less important the specific day you celebrate, so long as you get to be together at some time near the holiday (be it Christmas, birthdays, or others).
    Maybe you can find a story book about a prince and a Queen. All I can think of is Snow White. Your princess might not be wanting such a meanie Queen though. Or maybe she wants a knight of her own? Too young for that, eh 🙂

    All my rambling aside, I hope you have a very merry Christmas 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you my friend. I agree the specific day wont be so important just as long as we remember what it is all about.

  4. Life really sucks sometimes, Bokkie, Sterkte, my engel *heart*

    • I dont mean to sound so morbid. Sorry. Life is good for the most part, and I am happy. Just have moments that i wish i could write off all the baggage.
      It will be a good christmas. I am determined to make it one of the best.

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