Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 2, 2011

Akismet, you have found my inspiration!

This morning while checking my WordPress Dashboard, and having a scroll through all that has happened (I used to do this obsessively), I found an impressively large size of SPAM.

This would be a different type of Spam. (Picture taken from

Now with all due respect, the people working at AKISMET and WORDPRESS are being a little presumptuous in declaring all of these comments as spam! I sense perhaps some underlying jealousy issues coming through?( Am I getting too many fabulous things said about me? Don’t want me moving up to quickly now, do we?) Maybe one or two of these sound spam-ish….but they can’t possibly all be?

Take this for example- (Akismet, I really am talking to you- don’t get confused.)

“Christmas Ornaments” said on my “Me-published?! Yah!” page “Dude, this is obviously impressive content.”

Thanks man! I thought so too. At least I try. How could I post something that isn’t filled with impressive content? I could possibly understand it being spam, if “Christmas Ornaments” was trying to sell Christmas Ornaments and was perhaps specific to goods and prices. Right? But instead he made it all about me…..he advertised my page and said how damn impressive my content was. “Christmas Ornaments” – I like you. I like you a whole lot. Perhaps you will consider advertising my blog on your website?

On the same page “Laneta” says “Real brain power on dispaly. Thanks for that answer!”

Okay- honestly I can see from “Laneta’s” comment that they either type faster than they think (I do that sometimes so it is understandable), or that perhaps there is not too much brain power going on, on that side of the screen? The fact is though that “Laneta” is at least half right. I do display real brain power.  Every day! Every post! But the half wrong bit is that I cannot possibly find any answers on my “Me-published?! Yah!” page. Do you? In fact, I am not quite sure what her/his question would be?

Do you think that “Cathleen” knew what she meant when she said “Your aritlce was excellent and erudite”? Erudite means (according to wordweb): Having or showing profound knowledge. “Cathleen” is clearly on the same page as me. She gets me!!! (All smiles on this side.)

You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sahirng.” For you “Staysha” I will do it as often as I can. It was an absolute pleasure to share this with you, and everyone else. I am so grateful that there are people that really really appreciate me in the blogging world.

“And the name??” page received a very motivating comment- “Many many qualtiy points there.”

Okay “Kaydi” you also got a spelling mistake in there. Perhaps you need to relook at that when you comment on my page? But thank you so much for lifting my spirit- my morning feels somewhat made! I try to fill every post with some quality, and you happened to pick that up. Well done!

“This “free sharing” of inoframiton seems too good to be true. Like communism.” That was posted by “Keylon”.

Ummmmmmm. I am a little nervous to really respond in a way that I would be inclined too under normal circumstances. I am definitely a free speech type of person. Everyone to their own……let’s not be boring. BUT are you saying that communism would be too good to be true? Anyone agree? (AKISMET-  I think the fact that you picked up on this was a good call. We don’t really want Keylon sharing any more interesting comments… do we?)

“Zeal” said “I’m not esaily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me!” on my post about meeting James Blunt.

(It must be the spelling that Akismet/Wordpress is picking up and dedicating to Spam?)

Meeting James Blunt was impressive!!! You go “Zeal”. If he comes to your country, do not even consider turning the opportunity down! With impressive evenings like that- your posts will also become impressive. (Just like mine.) Thank you. (More smiles this side.)

“Emberlynn” said in the same post “Hahahaha. I’m not too bgriht today. Great post!”

You must have been at the same concert- right? Not enough sleep……that might cause some dullness in the way you write (more spelling that WordPress does not seem to like) and the way you feel. I can understand why you perhaps have not had a good night since then; I mean what beats a James Blunt concert? I suggest that you get yourself to another concert soon. There are other really brilliant performers and entertainers out there- I promise.

Peggy” said that this post was a “mold-breaker”!!!

Shoo wee what an awesome thing to say! James Blunt- I think that your Public Relations company should pick up on that and run with it. Put my post on your homepage. If one person thinks that it is a mold-breaker, then I am sure there will be at least a thousand more! (Of course, I am presuming that “Peggy” meant mould-breaker.) Ultimately I think I could give up my life and follow you in concert, writing “impressive” “mold breaking” posts about you. Let’s set it up!! (“Peggy” can you see if you can also do some influencing there please?)

“Eddi” said “I’m raelly into it, thanks for this great stuff!”

Everyone was into James, Eddi. Everyone that was there! I must have really conveyed that well in my post. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope more people see it.

My”bucket list”…” page got a few dodgy comments which could definitely be regarded as spam-ish.

Yup, that sulhod defo do the trick!” That was a comment by “Etty.” (Etty what trick would we be talking about here? The trick of finding a happy life? The trick of doing a to-do list? You might need to come back and give me a substantial answer here before I un-spam you.)

Nelly” must have meant to comment on Ty’s blog but somehow got re-directed here. Ty- if you are reading this, it is all for you: “Smack-dab what I was looknig for-ty!”

But “Lissa” definitely posted this just for me “Hey, that’s the geraetst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?”

More brain power! You go girl! (Actually- I go girl). At least some people are picking that up. I must be a pretty good communicator, although I do see that “Lissa” could be missing some brain power based on her spelling. If you get a chance Lissa- could you let me know what you meant by AWHFY? Woudl be much appreciated.

Granted- Akismet and WordPress- THIS must be spam. “All of my questions settled-thnkas!” from “Gerry”.

“Gerry” I might just be on a completely different page, but I can’t see how that may have been so considering you were on “my Bucket List” page?

Perhaps another spammer would be “Keiffer”- “Help, I’ve been inofemrd and I can’t become ignorant.”

“Keiffer”, I dont think any of us should be able to become ignorant. I think you need to do some googling on what type of comments would be good comments to spam people with! Just look at “Peggy” and”Zeal”- they made me feel super awesome! There must be a guide on this wonderful thing we call World Wide Web to show you what is good spamming and what is a waste-of-time spamming! Spend some decent time on that. I want you to make me feel GOOD if you are going to spam me!

Coralie” told me I was on top of my game! Hear that ….. on top of my game. Clearly i am on my way to finding a real publisher.

And “Keyla” took the cherry on the top when she said “If you wrote an arltcie about life we’d all reach enlightenment.”

Can anyone say anything more inspiring (except for me when I talk about James- right Zeal?)? I mean Keyla- I didn’t think you knew me…. But you clearly do. You and so many others just get ME!


Akismet and WordPress- I understand why you may not possibly want all this motivation finding space on my posts…. It may just drive me to quit my day job and throw myself into writing, and slowly take over the world. You don’t think I am ready- right?

But I am ready. I promise.

Ahhhhhh….wait……..I know what it is!

You don’t want to de-motivate everyone else!


Imagine if they all stop writing. Then what work will there be left for you? This is about a far bigger picture…… oh my, I see it all now.

You are just too kind! I think you are right. I will sacrifice for the benefit of others. WordPress is not about me. It’s about a community of people that need to have that outlet.

Thank you Akismet. You are the absolute best!!!



  1. Taht’s too fnuny!

    • Now that should definitely be on my SPAM LIST. Haha.

  2. 😀 – 😀 I wish I would get more spam like that rather than some guy trying to sell fake Rolex’s. Lucky girl! 😉

    • I thought everyone got spam like this? xx

      • I think it is a combination of two possibilities, bokkie (1) maybe my blog doesn’t yet have as much traffic on it and/or (2) on the platform that I blog on there is a spam filter filter that separate those kind of comments from the more real ones. You must just check that occasionally and clean it out. I don’t know WordPress as well as I do the other platform.

  3. Stvee yuo baet me toit! 🙂

    Your brain power is definitely outclassing me!

    • More spam!!!
      Brain power brain power brain power. In fact, since this post i have had 4 more mentioning specifically brain power. Haha.

  4. YAY! you’re back 🙂 xxx
    Sorry about the spam!

    • I am some what semi back.
      Dont really mind the spam…… it mostly sounds liek good spam. Haha.

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