Posted by: The Saffa Mom | December 1, 2011

When i grow up- I want to be a Tech Geek!

I have become a technology-fundi-want-to-be. (Sounds like a definite oxymoron… can you have become something that you want to be?) Did i ever think i would say that growing up? NO!!!! I just wanted to be cool. Technology was not cool.

I have gone from 5 years ago:

“I will never use any other phone again if it is not a Nokia!”


“I am dying to get my hands on an iphone 4s” after merely having my second Blackberry (Torch) for 11 months.

I know what my problem initially was, and I think I still battle somewhat with it….

I hate change!

This week I changed laptops. At a certain point (in fact few points) I cursed this decision, and wished I could possibly go back and change my mind. I could sit with all my problems, and my battery that doesn’t fall out, and the fact that I have to close so many screens that constantly pop up and open themselves. I could do that. As long as I didn’t need to do this.

But alas, it was too late.

Today I have a new laptop that seems on it’s way to pleasing me. It is missing a few essentials that will find a home in the next few days, and I will be happy that I made the change.

I was petrified to get a Kindle this year. As much as I loved the idea of convenience, and simplicity…I hated the idea of not having the REAL thing.  I like hard copies. I grew up wanting a house filled with libraries. (Needless to say I still do not have one shelf in our home, and my books are mostly still in boxes.) My knight’s solution was to purchase the good books- for real. That is not really an economical solution. The fact is that in the last 10 months, I have read 23 books on my Kindle, and only one of them is incomplete- because I just could not imagine putting myself through more of the crap I was actually reading. Yes the 23 books come at a discounted price, but to say that they are free would be lying.  Would it be realistic to go and buy them in hard copy? Uhhhhhh. No.

I now LOVE my kindle, and in fact do not go anywhere without it. It has a dedicated spot in my handbag.

Today I find myself with a list of technology that I cannot wait to find the money for.

A DIGITAL SLR CAMERA. Canon. I don’t know enough about cameras (I have always been a compact camera type of girl) but now I want the real thing. I want my photos to look like they were done professionally. I want to have fun with compositions, and I think that I would like to say that I am somewhat of a photographer in my spare time. What SLR camera would I like? Who knows. I just want one. Not a cheap one either “wink, wink”.

Then I happened to come across something called LYTRO ( ). I don’t think you can get it yet, however it shouldn’t be too long. For this tech-guru-want-to-be….. I want! It is a light field camera, and it looks super cool. This will definitely help in my moving forward in being able to say that I take photos in my spare time.

JAWBONE UP ( was definitely the next thing to add to my list. My knight thinks that I am being unrealistic. I have done a bit of googling and it would seem as if the App is not exactly where the advertising reflects…..however I am convinced that by the time South Africa is amongst the countries supplied, it has to be better. What is it? It’s a wristband that connects to an application on your phone that measures your activity and sleep patterns accurately. It also has a bit to it which concentrates on food. Not the calories you are consuming though, but rather how specific meals make you feel. From there finding the foods that make you feel the best. I think that you are more conscious of the things you are doing when they are being recorded. We all have a basic need to do better than we did yesterday (or at least I think we should have). So today will be more steps than yesterday.

SIRI has to be my next need-to-have. In fact, I think I should put dear SIRI on top of the list. If she is anything like the video Apple has placed on their website- I will not be able to go anywhere without my phone. SIRI is THE personal assistant that should be able to answer anything you need to know. “Do I need an umbrella tomorrow Siri?” “Let me check?…… no actually you will need to put a days leave in and head off to the coast with sunblock”. She will read my emails and sms’s will I drive, and use my voice prompts to type in the replies. Shemay become my best friend- if she lives up to the expectations set.

The trick about some of the awesome applications and technologies above is that they work with Apple. In fact, SIRI doesn’t just work with any Apple product or iphone yet, she only works with the Iphone 4s.

You now see my need to suddenly want one? Need one! Get one!

And then there would be that silly thing we call money and the lack thereof…….




  1. When you grow up, I thought you wanted to be…… a writer?!? How about a writer that has a lot of cool, geeky technology?

    • I actually think i change every day. I am so lost at the moment. The lastfew weeks i have been thinking about doing a teaching diploma and going into that- and then i think for a few seconds- what planet am i on? But yes, while trying to find the planet- I want some cool geeky things. x

  2. Some of those sound like great toys to have. I find the ones that I enjoy best are the ones that I actually have a need for. If I don’t know what to do with it, then I don’t really see the point. I like the toys I have, but in my family I’ve always been the last ones to have them for some reason… 😉

    I have to agree with you on one thing though: if we know what we’re doing we are better prone to change what we’re doing.

    • That’s what bothers me about the ipad….I will need to find a need for it. But i think i still woudl like one.

  3. I have an Olympus E-510 & love it. I have even finally started learning how to use it. Back in October I started a whole new blog for the pictures I take. Swing by when you have time…it’s O’Brien’s Pix in my blog roll. Check this camera out if you really start looking at or for them.

    • Will definitely take a look!!!!

  4. There’s a lack of money there too?! I was thinking of putting my list on my blog too.They will have to find it there!

    • Who is “they”……haha. That made me giggle.

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