Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 28, 2011

Disturb me Lord

I read this somewhere and jotted it down… I do that at times. I find these pieces of paper later on and generally toss them. If anything that I am not- I am not a hoarder. (It may cause my Princess to be seriously sad one day when she asks me what I actually did with all the “art” she has brought home in the past 5 years.)

The prayer below was one of those little doodlings. I did my utmost to credit the author and did some “googling” this morning. It popped up on a number of sites with “author unknown”.

Let’s get motivated! We have a few weeks to go before we are able to actually rest and although my head is there……… my body need to hit pause (wink, wink).


 “Disturb me Lord, when my dreams come true only because I dreamed too small.

Disturb me Lord, when I arrive safely only because I sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb me Lord, when the things I have gained cause me to lose my thirst for more of You.

Disturb me Lord, when I have acquired success only to lose my desire for excellence.

Disturb me Lord, when I give up too soon and settle too far short of the goals You have set for my life.




  1. I used to be a hoarder but a lot has changed. I do, however, wonder about the balance between hoarding and keeping some memories to show when you’re older. I can’t exactly show someone what is in my head. Sometimes I do admire those families who have albums full of memories and all the stories that go with it. I want to have some, but not everything is worth keeping (or remembering). That is a beautiful poem.

    • I agree- i want some too. I just dont know where to put it all to be honest.

  2. The poem basically says it all, thanks.

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