Posted by: The Saffa Mom | November 23, 2011

We met James Blunt the night before…..


“If I was in Europe, the girls would have taken their tops off for me!”

And too be completely honest, by the end of the night- I may have just taken my top off for him too!!

In all my wildest dreams, that was not words that would come from James Blunt. No, James Blunt was a depressed guy, was he not? Listen to his music. Mr Serious. Mr Fact. Mr She’s Beautiful. (Who perhaps does talk about sex a lot!)  

Depressing (which Jamie boy admitted to) or not, I begged my knight to get tickets. From the moment I realised he was coming. My knight has some connections with a couple of suppliers that work many of the concerts, and said he would “see what he could do”.  Ummmmm…….. do most girls realise what this ACTUALLY means?

I was ready- credit card and all to buy tickets! He was dodging the commitment. (Like I am sure most men were. In fact every single one of his friends has something distasteful to say!)

He dodged it for the next few months, right up until 6 o’clock the evening of the 26th of August 2011. Being completely optimistic I arranged for My Princess to stay at my mom’s that night. He pulled through! Packed my baby girl up that afternoon and dropped her off with my mom, and my brother. By the time I left that evening, I was not too excited about the crowd my brother seemed to be gathering at the house. He is 22, and it is a Friday night. What do most boys do on a Friday night? I was not keen to give him a kiss good bye in front of his mates, but knew I would see him in the morning. Besides, he had a new blonde interest that i didn’t want to scare off with my BIG SISTER attitude. There are 8 years between us, and i am sure that a few girls may find that intimidating.  

My knight and I were rushed for time, and grabbed Mc Donalds for dinner not far from the Dome. It was THAT or KFC, the thought of both depressing me. But we had to eat. I don’t do well without food.

My knight still trying desperately hard to NOT GO, “instead let’s go get a gorgeous dinner and have a glass of wine?”

Officially, he ate his words that night. (I don’t think any of his friends actually believed what he had to say in his tweets that followed.)

On the 26th August 2011 at the Dome in Northgate- James Blunt was anything but blunt. He was freaking marvellous. An entertainer of note (with a serious dry British sense of humour), and although the concert was all seated, there were many occasions where that entire amphitheatre was up and dancing. I almost thought I had fallen in love. My knight might have too.  

The 26th August 2011 was a good night. For me.

We would be home early morning, and after a few hours of sleep, be amped for the day ahead. Fetch my baby girl and tell her what an awesome concert we had been too, while perhaps listening to James’s CD full blast.   

In my wildest dreams I would never have been prepared for what lay ahead over the next few hours……



  1. Welcome back!! I missed you! I’ll be here for you for the next post.

    • Thank you my friend.

      Already irritated with wordpress. Put a gorgeous image of Josh Groban up with this post and it has disappeared.


      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. I tend to agree: for me James Blunt also represents a depressed, sad man (whom I’ve learned had had opera singing lessons!) The ‘brackets’ impressed me 🙂 He’s a very talented artist, but his music is a little too heavy for me though, so I am glad that you had such a surprizing positive experience.

    • Yes yadad yada……Thank you for popping in.

  3. […] “Zeal” said “I’m not esaily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me!” on my post about meeting James Blunt. […]

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