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My princess’s 5th birthday party!

On the 1st of August my Princess turned 5 years old. I was definitely more excited than she was!!  

Let’s think about that for a few seconds. The fact is that I had managed to get through the last 5 years and still have a healthy happy child who was very specifically still breathing! There were many moments that I had to stand back and countdown- from 1 million!

However there were more moments that I looked at this little creature and realised that God is a miracle worker. Until you experience that love, how can you comprehend the love that God must have for us? I often tell Logan that my favourite part of the day is when she walks into my room in the morning and says “good morning mama”. The hug that follows is the warmest. I understand unconditional love.

On the 6th August we celebrated her birthday with a party! (I promised you all an awesome post about it.)

My darling little child chose “Barbie and the Three Musketeers” as the theme that she wanted things to revolve around. I worked freaking hard at changing it. I mean can’t you just have a PARTY THEME for a party? Lots of colour everything! No- she had planned this since her 4th birthday party, and was not budging. (That stubbornness I am sure is from her dad.)

Now, for those of you who are not into buying party supplies on a daily basis, “Barbie and the Three Musketeers” as a theme seems to be non-existent (Much like WordPress Support). There was a movie (once upon a time), and then everyone dropped the ball and moved on. Except my 5 year old little Princess!! I had some serious planning to do to try and bring this party and theme together. (Most places had no idea what I was actually talking about. They could work with a musketeer theme, or a Barbie theme. BUT a Barbie and Three musketeers theme?) To be completely honest, I have never even watched the movie- so I had to do a little bit of googling to get a story line.

My first TO DO (and perhaps the most obvious) was an invitation, which I decided was easiest to email out. Logan never quite got that. She kept asking me when is she going to be taking the invitations to school? And I kept having to explain that it was ALL sorted. The invite was basic. A power point presentation with a picture of Logan, as well as a picture I downloaded off of the net reflecting that this was definitely going to be a Barbie and Three Musketeers party. (At that stage I was worrying that that picture and the cake may be the only things bringing it all together.) The invitation’s words were beautifully written by my friend (Thanks again!)

My Only Cin led me to an awesome little Chinese Shop that had a good deal of options for little kitschy things and with that party supplies. At the time I didn’t buy anything, but I had a fair idea of what would be available.

First things first- what do musketeers always seem to have? No matter what musketeers they seem to be? Swords!! My knight did not think that me going out and purchasing 22 plastic swords would be a good idea. You see when he thinks of kids, he seems to think about anything that could potentially cause tears and removes it! Not for their well being BUT for his!!

Some little Chinese Importer obviously saw this concern, and imported Blow-up Swords. Yes, blow up swords! I managed to find them at the Chinese Mall off Main Reef Road. (It was not easy!!! ) Some advice for moms who would like to do the same…… buy more then you will need! I didn’t. I bought 22. Once we blew them up (a few hours before the party), 2 had definite holes in. At that point I wasn’t sure how we were going to handle that. It would come down to the behaviour of the kids and their control over the swords.

Next item that I purchased from the China mall (which scares me a little- I always worry that people are living in the back of these rented spaces) were masks for the top part of their faces. They were glittery, all different colours and pretty. At that point I bought 22. Some had feathers coming off of them, and some were just cut out in fancy designs. Some advice for moms who would like to do the same……think about the boys. I didn’t. Only later when my princess asked “what are the boys going to wear?” did I realise that they may not be too chuffed about wearing a glittery mask. At the last minute I gave in and went and bought 5 plain masks from the closest party shop. They cost far more than the pretty ones, but at least I would not have to worry about the boys having gender issues.

The masks and the swords became their “party packs”. Something for them to take home. I am not sure if things are the same on your side of the world, but over here in Johannesburg it is expected that kids get a pack to take home- filled with sweets. As a mom- it drives me dilly! They are already on a sugar high, and now they have more! When I was growing up, zillions of years ago, there were no such things. Parents dropped you off, you ate like a pig, you had a wild time, and three hours later parents picked you up. These days, parents don’t drop anybody off. They stay. Which means that your child’s party needs to do some catering for adults. And then kids take half the party home with them.

Party packs sorted- a mask and sword!

I arranged a jumping castle which looked like a dragon, and sent a mail out to all the moms to try and help me out with a story beforehand. In our castle (disguised as a house) was a Teddy Bear Prince. Now for those who didn’t know, musketeers are there to protect the prince. Dragons eat princes. Serious protection would need to take place. They would only become musketeers once they arrived and were given their sword and mask in order to fulfil their responsibilities. I tried…

I hid the masks, and swords in the garden- presumed that would take up a fair bit of time once kids arrived to find their tools, and it did. It was brilliant.

After that- although I really did take everyone’s suggestion into mind- I never played one more game. The kids went wild. The dragon was a hit.

I promised myself that I was going to make party treats. I didn’t just want sweets. I wanted some homely feel to the party. Even if it was actually more  for the adults. I made fudge, coconut ice, and rice krispie treats. I also managed to come up with Rocky Road bars, and Chocolate Oat balls. I cannot tell you how beautiful each one of those things actually tasted. Something else that went down well were these Caramel Treat/Rice Krispie cups which someone suggested to me. Basic basic, but really quite yummy! (I have had to send out recipes to so many of the treat eaters!)

For lunch we had hotdogs for the kids, and a firm South African favourite Boerewors Rolls for the adults. Really seemed the easiest.

And of course there was cake! I LOVE CAKE!

I found myself running the entire day (it could have been a wedding), which to be completely honest- I didn’t mind. The fact is that there were too many people there that I had never even met until that day, and I was quite comfortable to not have to make conversation- just make sure that conversation was happening.

I realised that my little girl is quite the ladies boy….. which if any of you know does not sit too well with me. I don’t want her worrying about boys. I don’t want her running after boys. And I definitely don’t want boys running after her. You can imagine my shock when a boy named Adriano (who was quite cute- let’s stay in touch with mom and give him 12 years!) came up to me and said that Logan does not want to give him a hug goodbye. Huh??? Aren’t boys that are 5 years old supposed to dislike girls? Intensely? I am sure that was how things were when I was growing up. His gran continued to tell me how she had heard this long story about how his “girlfriend (my princess) has 3 boyfriends”, and how it breaks his heart. I guess it is quite sweet. I would have to deal with her later regarding the 3 boyfriend story though?!?

It would  seem like I need to just accept it now…. AND THEN put her in an all girls school. That reminds me, I need to get those application forms in.

At the end of that Saturday I finished the afternoon with a few of my close friends and a glass of red wine. It went down well. I was able to reflect back and actually decide that there might be a few of those moms that I could spend more time with. (And I was able to have seconds and thirds and fourths of the birthday cake!)

I think one of the greatest moments of the day was when one of the little boys came to me and said “this is the best day ever!” That won’t easily be forgotten… although he may have just been caught in the moment.  

A couple of days later the school principal commented on all the compliments that had come her way, about the day. We spoke about how lucky Logan was to be in the country, to have the space, the animals, and all that freedom. (Wait the punch line is coming….)

She then asked if we could “arrange a day for the school to go there?”

“Huh????? (pause)  Ummmmmm….. (pause)  well……….. (pause) yes……. I am sure we can do (pause) something?!?”

For those of you that have gotten to know me, I am sure you can imagine how I was giggling at the thought- in secret of course.

Her cake!Some treats.Just so you can see the Blow-up Sword!As much of the dragon as you can see. (Looking back we should have taken a proper photo of it)

Some of the masks.

Our prince!


What a long day!


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  1. It sounds a blast, lucky little Logan. 🙂

  2. You know what is funny, when you asked me to write that invitation and said the party theme was Barbie and the Three Musketeers, I didn’t realize that there was actually a movie that combined the two. I just figured that Logan liked both and she decided to combine them into one great party. I probably won’t rush out to try to find a copy of the movie to watch, but at least now I know! Looks like you all had a great time. And your welcome! 🙂

  3. I’m tired just reading about it! A fun party, bet you were dragging at the end of the day.
    You are a good Mom!

  4. Looks like an awesome party! My oldest is turning 6 this Friday (and only today started freaking out that I have nothing planned). We might just pack up and go to the Grandparent’s farm, fill up a pinata and bake a cake – done 🙂 So did you ever figure out which of the boys belonged to her? (lol)

    Happy Birthday Logan!

  5. A Very Happy Belated Birthday To Your Princess! 😀

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