Posted by: The Saffa Mom | July 28, 2011

I need “real life” WordPress Support.

Have you ever phoned a call centre, when you literally feel like you have two minutes- the world is crashing around you and you get through to an electronic recording?!?!

Then you have 10 different options, which most of the time need to be repeated in order to see if you are on the right track.

Then when you think you have the option that resembles your problem slightly, you plug that number in and you are led through to ANOTHER electronic recording that gives you the information and then asks you if you want it repeated or if you are satisfied- ie. Push hash to end call.

THEN, I have to start all over again, and try and find something that may lead to a real life consultant who I can actually talk to.

More often than not I end up going to the website, and trying to work through some form of email. It generally takes longer, but eventually things get sorted.

The fact is I am now having a problem with WordPress. I don’t know how to get to a real life person that will support me. The only options that seem to smack me in the face is to type in a search term , and work through the forums. I am so frustrated.

So perhaps a couple of readers can guide me in the right direction? (or if really want- fix my problem??)

I have never had a problem with posting pictures in my posts. Up until now it has always just worked. My last two posts however have not been like that. The pictures reflect in my dashboard, and once I publish my post…. and view it- they are not there. When I go to the edit function, they no longer appear there either- however when I go to add picture, they are in the gallery.




  1. I don’t know, but maybe try here:

    • Will try that now. xxxx

      • Tried this one before. This is teh page where you put in search terms and then it brings up some discussions.
        I think everything is just grating my nerves today actually.
        Thanks again though. xxxx

  2. You need to contact Julie 🙂

  3. I know this is strange BUT when I have this problem for a day or two I find by day three the problem has resolved itself. It doesn’t make sense and yet that is how it goes in regards to the picture issue.

    What I would like resolved is that when I go to freshly pressed from the drop down menu, the images disappear once they are fully loaded. I see them and interesting topics and pictures until they flash away. I am also having problems leaving responses. That is a bummer because I love the feedback and to talk back.

    • I thought thats what woudl happen with my post about Mt Grace- but it never did. That was last week. Then this week same story. Lets see what i can come up with.

  4. Sometimes I wait a day or two and it works as it should.

  5. WordPress support is almost totally non-existent if you want my take on it, I know where you are, have been there before you. You need to look for a page that has (usually down at the bottom) a button that says “contact wordpress support” on it. What you are getting into is the forums which are mostly useless when it comes to real time help.

    It is there, I have seen it before, and used it. But it is elusive and make take them some time to contact you after you do get thru …..

    Keep trying. Usually when things start screwing up with WP I clear out my history and my browser and then it straightens up and starts to fly right again, you might try that. But for gawd’s sake, save your passwords first.


    • Thanks Don. Let me see what i can do.

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