Posted by: The Saffa Mom | July 27, 2011

My Princesses’ first Rock Concert

All the concerts I have ever been to have been really late at night, and definitely not “family” friendly places. And too many ofthem that take place in Johannesburg, take place on Sunday nights. Obviously the entertainers dont comprehend what a normal working week is, to us laymen however it makes that week quite tiring. (Must be honest however, I would not miss Enrique for anything.)

The last concert we attended was a U2 gig, and it was pretty awesome. We managed to get ourselves tickets into teh Golden Circle….. which i honestly hate. It means that i am trampled on for most of the night- and i generally never see anything. It also means that my feet hurt by the end of the concert, and i am quite ready to squeeze out of there. I prefer to find a seat and actually watch the whole concert. I think we left U2 high from all the fumes of the obsessive people in front of us. Dont get me wrong. The concert was one of the best I have ever been too.

This past Sunday was different. We bought tickets for a concert on the grass. Mid afternoon. In the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on the West Rand. My Princess was able to join us….. and so it was offically her first ever concert. We packed blankets and picnic baskets filled with awesome treats, and a super awesome experience.

My Princess loved it. The band was Prime Circle. They recently received the BEST ROCK ALBUM award at the South African Music Awards for their latest CD Jekyll and Hyde. For my foreign friends, South Africa has created some awesome music. These are definitely up there!!! See fi you can find there CD wherever you are.

I didn’t take pictures of the band……. just a couple of us having a really relaxed afternoon.

My rocker chick having fun on one of our friend's shoulders. Think he battled a bit. Haha.My Princess, My Knight and IMy Princess, My Knight and I.



  1. Sounds and looks like everyone had a good time. That counts for a lot!

    • It was great.
      Harold- did you initially see one pucture or two?

  2. I can only see one photo …

    • Hey, i am having a problem with my WordPress site- and the support seems to be non existant. Or maybe i just have no clue what i am doing. I have never ever had a problem with pictures. It has now happened to my last two posts. The Mount Grace post must have had about 7 pictures, and only 3 show up. Now this post i loaded 2, and i can not get more than one to work…. although when i originally posted it the two reflected on my dashboard.
      So i dont know.

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