Posted by: The Saffa Mom | July 19, 2011

Mount Grace is my little piece of heaven!

I have officially been camping twice. I hated every single second of it. Every single second. Both times were with the men in my lives at the time, and both times I think I drank. I was a student at that stage, so that would have been the most obvious choice. Both occasions were one or two nights, and both occasions were enough. Enough to convince me that I HATE camping.

Now to some, and some that I truly love, camping and caravanning (which must be a 1000 times better) are just the perfect holiday. Roughing it up! Sharing bathrooms with a hundred other people is okay! Dragging pots, pans and glasses to a destination in which running water can be found is fun! Cuddling up with oneself in a sleeping bag doesn’t get better. And paper plates are the way to go!

I consider my year in London as rough as I would like to go. That was essentially “tenting”. We just drank so much we didn’t realise it. That year grounded me. (Well not at the point, we could say indirectly.) Once I left, I realised what I do want and what I don’t want. (I have a feeling that many of my posts ahead will be about that year.)

I want to have a holiday in a place that I wish was mine. I want to be absolutely spoilt, and feel like royalty. I want to be able to do NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING- if that’s what I want. I want slippers and gowns. I want a goose down duvet and a king size bed, crisp white sheets and plush white towels. I want room service and huge buffet breakfasts with chocolate croissants and custard pastries. I want a chocolate on top of my pillow when I reach for bed. I want “me time”- hours and hours of it, if not days. I want NO responsibilities.   

Granted, what I want does not come at camping prices. And granted, I may be missing out on experiencing new places. I may be missing out on meeting amazing people, and I may be missing out on new dishes, and tastes.

BUT does the heart miss what the head does not know? Not my heart.

Since we moved to the country, our need to get away has somewhat dissipated. My Knight and I have grown up in suburbs. Suburbs where your neighbours are close. Where traffic is normal, noise is bountiful, and the need to get away comes more often than the opportunity. NOW, we are away! We are away every hour that we need to be. We have the best of both worlds. Our move to the country was the one of the best lifestyle choices we have ever made.

It means that our holidays now can be all about what I want. They don’t need to come often. BUT I know when I settle back into real life, I have had that perfect getaway.

Mount Grace in Magaliesburg is my piece of heaven on earth.  It is against the back drop of the Magaliesburg Mountains, and only an hour and a half away. It’s the 5 star country retreat that I almost wish I lived in. This weekend we arrived there Saturday after lunch, just for a night, and we didn’t leave our Villa once, except for late Sunday breakfast. We left feeling like royalty, and a little wanting for a few more nights. Perhaps next month?

Let me know if you could call this home? 

Our villa was set on the side of the mountain, over looking a dam below and the rest of the valley.

My Knight had no worries here, it was a gas firplace (Jetmaster). I now want one. Our host was quick to let us know that we could just call reception and they would send someone to turn it on for us. My Knight managed to figure it out all on his own. (Better than the fireplace at home.)

Our King size bed! Down Duvet! The glass doors in front of the bed (to the left of the photo) look out onto a patio and the valley that i find to be so precious.Those door panes to the left open up onto a patio. Was too cold to open now, but will make a point of doing it in Summer. To the left (where teh sun is streaming through) is the shower.We were able to turn the shower into an OUTDOOR shower. Was too chilly, but looks warm in the photos.Our patio- all the doors opening out onto it. Heated pool. Although- not heated enough for winter.How heavenly is this? Beloe were a number of geese. Geese sound like home to us. That noise has become comforting over the last year.

You keen to come on holiday?

I am!



  1. I hate camping and also love Mount Grace!

    • Mind you if I took you camping- you could do the cooking. Then it may not be so bad. Haha- only joking! I will meet you at mount grace then. Mmwaah

  2. Although we do go camping, usually for a week…YES! YES!! YES!!! It looks sooooo comfortable and cozy, even romantic. I NEED a getaway from it all!

    • You need to camp with 8 kids….you won’t be able to find big enough villas. Mmwaah. Nice for you and your wife to have some alone time. Xx

  3. I also hate camping. The last time, many years ago, we were camping on the 4th of July and someone was letting off fireworks for the celebration. One went astray and just missed lighting us up on fire by about 2 inches. (Ok, maybe a foot.) Here I was worried about bugs or bears, not Hope you are having a great time!

    • It was a beautiful night. I really cant wait for the next one.

  4. I would rather pay to have someone go camping for me!

    • I dont know if i would waste the money. Unless I actually needed the break, and made it all about doing something wonderful for someone. Sounds a bit manipulative though.

  5. NICE! Camping for me involved a tent and a fire pit in the ground, with wet wood. Sometimes, when it stopped rainning, we could cook pancakes and potatoes and sausages over the open flame. And marshmallows of course! A cabin would have been awesome in Canada 🙂

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