Posted by: The Saffa Mom | July 5, 2011

It is party time, and I am calling in a favour!

My princess is turning 5 on the 1st of August. 5!!!!

She thinks that she is going on 21, and able to run off into the sunset and get married to boy Logan.

(For those of you who don’t know, my little girl’s name is Logan. The boy that has her all smitten, is “boy” Logan. In her little mind this can only mean that they were meant to be.)

Of course I need to plan a party- and at times I wish I didn’t. “We could just skip it this year?” Ummmmmmm….. I don’t think it would go down well at all. So the 6th of August it is!

To make things simple I have decided that I am not searching the continent for a venue. We now live on a plot, with plenty of garden- we will have it at our house. In the country. Done!

I was hoping that I could get away with having a “party” theme. Lots of colours, and balloons. Party things. However, my little Princess will not budge!!!! Stubborn cow!!! She wants a “Barbie and the three musketeers party”. (I have never even seen the movie, so had to do some googling as to what that actually means.)

Now let’s get to the real reason for this post…. I need some help from my creative blogging gurus. My ideas have consisted with trying to find plastic swords, eye masks that tie around heads, or perhaps hats, and capes. (All for a decent decent decent price.) May be a good idea to make the kids find these things when they arrive so that can dress the part. That is bound to take 15 minutes.

Cake would be another 15 minutes.

I would possibly have to STILL fill another 3 hours and 45 minutes.


I need some serious ideas, and to my south African buddies- any sources? Ed you are around these teeny weeny buggers all day. Any game ideas? Muskateer game ideas of course?

Cin– you may know some suppliers? And of course some recipe ideas that are basic enough for me to make days before, and just serve up. I am thinking of trying to make this party a little more homely then just sweets. Thinking of making some home-made fudge; coconut ice and those rocky road treat thingies. What do you think? (Chef– you might come in great here too?)  

I need an invitation- Steve would you be able to put some words together- you are an absolute genius!!!! I would be forever grateful.

I promise, promise, promise, promise- to make an absolutely awesome post out of all of this for you!!!

Cross my heart, and hope to die!




  1. I’m on it… stay tuned!

    • Steve you killing me…. i need to send invites. How is teh creative flow going? Mmwaah.

      • How’s this? Edit as necessary.

        We’re having a party and you are invited.
        We hope you will come, we’d sure be delighted.
        Our beautiful Logan, she soon will turn Five.
        Look below and you’ll see when you should arrive.

        Barbies and Three Musketeers is our theme.
        We’ll have presents and games and cake and ice cream.
        We hope you will join us on our special day.
        If you can make it, please R.S.V.P. right away!

        When: ___________

        Where: __________


  2. Make/or buy a pinata for your theme. (paper mache) Fill it with candy. Near the last 1/2 hour or so/or any time, let them take swings at it with their swords/weapon til it breaks. Depending how strong you make it or how strong the item being swung this could take a while. We attached a rope to ours and put the rope over a tree branch so I could raise and lower it as they individually swung at it while blind folded. BIG swing! Oh a miss, ooooh just barely hit it, a good hit! Everyone got a turn or turns until it broke or we took off the blind folds and let them have at it. I had fun raising and lowering it! Watching them spin around after a complete whiff!
    Your knight could do the raising and lowering and maybe have to take a couple swings himself to soften it up. That gets him involved a bit.
    That’s my idea!

    • PS. Added you to my Blog Friends blogroll! 🙂

      • Yah!!!! Thank you Harold.
        Tell me- do you ever know what happened to my package? I could never officially say thank you.

        • I have to admit unfortunately I lost the receipt so I can’t check on it. 😦 I was hoping it would arrive. I will do another one. I have all my other shipping receipts just not yours. It’s enough to make me #&@*%@#*&! I’m a nice guy and I don’t usually say stuff like that!

          • It’s enough to make me mad too!!! It was so beautiful, and i was so looking forward to it!
            I wouldn’t worry about doing another one Harold, I would worry that the same thing would happen. Must be the South African side. haha. Perhaps I shoudl do a post on teh South African Postal Service.

    • My knight not keen at all to get involved. Logan’s dad is coming….. so i think he might throw a few comments around about him taking responsibility. Very tricky!!! I have a feeling my knight might dissapear for a few hours. Just praying that there really is no tension. This will be teh first time taht we do something like this NOT on neutral territory.

  3. For toys, props and party favours:
    There’s a bleak shopping centre near the corner of Republic and Rabie streets (has a Shoe City, Panelbeater and Liquor Store, I think) there is a big Chinese shop that sells all sorts of party stuff too. It doesn’t have a name, but there is a huge Hyndai Service sign in blue on the palisade and the main board has a bright mustard ‘Toy Gift’ sign up. It is on the right side of Republic Rd coming from Cresta almost at Rabie. You can get loads of stuff there for next to nothing.
    Will answer about the entertainment and food tomorrow.

    • I went there yesterday- thanks!!!! They didnt have teh prettiest swords, but at least i know where to get swords from. Tehy also had eye masks, but i may go and get some material and actually “staple” it to them so the kids can tie tehm around their heads. Staple because i dont know if i will have teh energy to deal with sewing it all together. (Bad mom alert!!! Haha.)
      The capes might end up too costly. Coudlnt find anything, so may need to decide on whether i will actually make myself. (while trying toa void sewing.haha)
      Remember the recipes bokkie. xxxxx

  4. ice your own biscuit or cupcake
    pass the parcel
    that game where they dance round the chairs (1 less than the number of children,) and when the music stops they have to sit down. then the child who has no seat leaves and you remove another chair.
    pin the tail on the donkey
    treasure hunt (harder before they can read)
    screaming contest (as you are out in the country)
    fancy dress parade
    concert in which they can sing or dance, great if you have a stage with CURTAINS
    bob for a pingpong ball in water (not good if the weather is cold)
    tug or war


  5. Games: Cornhole ( you could simplify this to tossing a beanbag at a target (a football or hula-hoop, anything stationary). Hide-and-seek. Scavenger hunt, either as a list of items to find or a series of clues on leading to the next. Dance party? Face painting? Pinata? Chase Henry and try to pull off a scarf wrapped around him?

    Don’t you have a pool? Oh wait… it’s “winter” there.

    Nibbles: see my post for LIttle Sister’s party (

    apple slices with a dip made of whipped cream cheese and fruit preserves, just mix it up.

    Seasonal fruit platter?

    Canned fruit cocktail made in gelatin (Jell-O), you can make a day before.

    In the south (of Texas) most gatherings include a smoked brisket and/or ribs and/or turkey, and potato salad.

    I usually make deviled eggs, but kids might not go for that. Mine love eggs anyway you make them.

    Cookies are fairly inexpensive to make, you could try my chocolate chip recipe ( add some vanilla ice cream to make frozen cookie sandwiches 🙂

    Good luck my dear

    • Thanks chef. Will definitely try the cookies- although i have never ever tried anything of the sort before.

  6. Wow, I shut the brain off June 30th but here is what comes to mind.
    1. let the kiddies make their own costumes – supply paper for hats, add streammers, sparkles bottle tops, feathers, flowers, markers and glitter. Check your recycle bin and see what looks good. This can take upwards of 20min!
    2. let the kiddies make wands and swords. use cardboard for the swords and they can decorate a fab handle wands are great uses for chopsticks and stars. you need more glitter, tape and glue sticks.
    3. GAMES! Musical Chairs, only don’t take the kids away just the chairs, piling up on each other is fun.
    4. Doggy Doggy where’s your bone. google it 5ers love it.
    5. Treasure hunt. Make a map with clues: use riddles, pictures and how many steps to various places where other clues are hidden. Do as a group game to find a treasure – maybe loot bags or BUBBLES!
    6. give a five year old a bubble wand and they are having fun for 15 min!!
    7. Side walk chalk
    8. Waterballoon catch, wet sponge toss, use buckets of water to store the sponges. divide into 2 teams and play like a relay. Kid has to catch sponge or balloon before they run to the back of the line.
    9. Don’t forget to let them run and play in the back yard. Just being with their friends is fun too.
    10. Let them decorate cookies or cupcakes for their own snack.

    Have fun and keep a bottle of wine handy for after, you WILL be knackered

    • My friend, that list is awesome!!!

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