Posted by: The Saffa Mom | June 30, 2011

Are all Canadians a little strange, or just the ones in Russell?

I have a friend who has managed to find her way back to Canada because of a boy that she has fallen hopelessly in love with. (I have mentioned her before……) It is a precious story that has turned horribly wrong. Her recent plan was to join him for the “next” three month stunt, to see whether they were going to take the next step in this relationship.

“No pressure… all. I have just travelled half way across the world, resigned from my job, and rented my townhouse out- to see if we work.”

Why has it turned horribly wrong? Well, from initially renting a student’s flat (while the real tenant has skipped for summer holiday) around the corner from her man- in the french city of Montreal….. He has been transferred early to a town apparently in the middle of no where (I may be very wrong???) called Russell (in Manitoba).  

At this point I am hoping my Canadian friends might add some light to this topic? But then again… Canada is the size of Africa, and i could not tell you a single thing about most of the countries on this continent….so no pressure. 

As far as I know they are staying in a motel/hotel/inn, and trying desperatly hard to do things the good Christian way under all of this unplanned pressure. Perhaps a good thing? Stress may always be a good thing in adding light to a potential marriage.

In this new little town, a couple of “THINGS” have come to light. Canadians seem to have a bit of an odd streak!!

She did not feel the need to explain, but rather sent a couple of pictures she had taken. (Excuse the quality- apparently the mobile service providers are milking people there, and everything costs a fortune. Was very unexpected.)

"Because I never stay anywhere without a water slide."


“Because i often pull out my laptop in the parking lot.”

And the absolute best….. perhaps the strangest!

There should always be the option to "add a chicken breast" to a fruit salad.


My canadian friends- please feel free to butt in any second. Mmwah. (Kisses all the way from South Africa.) 






  1. Yep, looks like a small town in the middle of nowhere. A long way from Montreal! Is the waterslide in the room? Now that would be cool! Best wishes to them.

    • Didn’t even imagine that. Haha.

  2. Canada is probably as strange to her as Africa would be to her man 😉

    It’s our quirks and sarcasm that hold us through the long snowy winters.

    • Her man is actually Australian. They met two weeks before his contract in SA came to an end. Shame. So she spent a two week holiday in Australia a few montsh after that, and then he was placed in Canada. I think that Australia may be quite similiar to SA.
      Quirks? Haha. Is that what you call them.
      The whole of canada is not really like this, is it?

      • Not really. The small towns have more quirks I think. I lived on a farm near a small town (Westlock), then in Edmonton, then in Calgary (Google the Stampede in Calgary, that’s probably the biggest attraction) for school, then back to Edmonton before moving to TX. There are festivals in summer with street performers, artists, comedy, plays… Dragonboat races on the river. Hockey games. It’s all good stuff 😛

        • Sounds like summer is almost a drug!

  3. Hahaha…why is that odd? Hahaha
    Chicken goes with everything!
    Wireless is what I search for to save me money on my smartphone!
    Waterslides are a rare comodity in nowheresville Manitoba.
    Wait until I show you other tourist attractions on the prairies! Hahaha

    • Tee hee, like the Enterprise in Vulcan? The giant egg, the T-Rex…

      • Going to have to google all of those, as i have no idea what you are talking about…..

    • Okay i give you that one- apparently canada’s data charges and cell phone charges are ridiculous. I thought being a very definite first world country, they would be a bargain?
      I cant wait Ed! xxx

  4. The chicken shouldn’t surprise you. They also eat bacon and syrup with their flapjacks.

    • I think bacon and syrup doesnt sound as bad as fruit salad and chicken. Although i always put pineapple on my chicken and veg pizza.
      To be honest- the rye toast with the fruit salad also throws me somewhat.

      • Toast and hot tea are reminders of British rule…. That’s all my granny would eat actually!

        • I think that sounds pretty familiar- why? Do you think that is strange? xx

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