Posted by: The Saffa Mom | June 10, 2011

I am Freezing!!!

The weather channel on my News 24 App says that today in Johannesburg will be:

1 degrees C/ 12 degrees C (More sun than clouds. Nippy)


There is much more to that hill....

Would this seem like more sun than clouds?

Nippy according to the WordWeb dictionary means, “Pleasantly cold and invigorating.”

I am wearing jeans, a long jacket, two jerseys, a scarf and leather boots, and I am sitting under the heater wandering when my fingers may just decide to crack and fall off. (At least I feel those…. and think that is purely due to the typing. My toes on the other hand, I can no longer feel. They may have already fallen off.)

There is nothing that makes this “pleasantly cold”. It is freaking freezing!!!

REAL FEEL right now according to is 0 degrees C. (It is almost lunch time and we are in Sunny South Africa!)



  1. It is terribly cold. I left the heater on for my dogs overnight, poor things.

    • Only a little while longer- right.

  2. “Pleasantly cold and invigorating”… after temps in the high 90’s F the last few days (that’s I think in the high 30’s C to you guys) I could use some “pleasantly cold and invigorating. Of course maybe that doesn’t seem that hot to you folks, it’s all what you’re used to I guess.

    • That is hot…. even for us. I guess it is all about consistancy.
      Our weather has not really been consistent recently. It poured with rain last week, which is really odd!
      Today there is some sun…. so I am happy.

  3. 0 degrees C that would be down right balmy in Chicago during winter time! It seems your buildings there are not constructed for a little nippy chill?

    • Let’s keep this a secret…. but i had to pull wordweb up and see what you meant by balmy.
      Clearly our buildings are not constructed around winter time…. everyone is too busy worrying about the sun that they forget about the cold.

  4. […] the gift of COMMON SENSE. I live in EDMONTON. Edmonton has summer 3 months a year. My summer is Bokkie’s winter, so she would disagree profusely with my definition of summer. Being that it is winter the REST of […]

  5. Lovely blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also

  6. Can’t seem to win… I didn’t like the extreme cold of Edmonton (eventhough I was born there and lived until 22) and now I don’t like the extreme heat of Texas. In Edmonton, all winter I would curse the snow and cold waiting for summer. Now I curse the 100F weather and sunburns, and can’t wait for our “balmy” winter. The odd winter we have seen one snowfall or an ice storm (freezing rain), that’s enough of a reminder of home for me.

    • It is finding a balanced place. Wish we all could do that…. and move everybody with us.

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