Posted by: The Saffa Mom | June 7, 2011

“And you know what? He has a tail!”

My Friend, The Edmonton Tourist, recently reminded me of how innocent kids really are. Her post was specifically about the “things she never thought she would have to say”, however I don’t think she knew at that point that much of her day would revolve around little monsters of joy. She had me giggling in loud bursts in the office, and then having to confess why. One of her points reminded me of a couple of things My Princess had said that had me too in hysterics.

Growing up, although we had an extremely close family- we were rather conservative with the naked body. The girls were fine to be together, and yes, up until a certain point my dad was able to stroll into the bathroom while we were in the bath, but I never ever saw my dad naked. Ever. For some families this may be strange. My brother was much younger than me, and I only remember the early years of putting him into a bath, or dressing him….. but honestly could not actually tell you whether he was even circumcised or not.

This way of living carried through to My Princess, and from the very beginning her dad has known how I have felt, and I believe he feels the same. My Knight is also very much in tune with this, and in fact is quite conservative to begin with. (Let’s be honest- those naked parts are not entirely pretty.)

The foundation for My Princess then is that girls are not allowed to see boys naked, and boys are not allowed to see girls naked.

I also decided very early on that I was going to be quite frank with My Princess regarding what a boy’s parts were called, as well as a girls’. She will know the correct terms. Although I have received much criticism for this, I strongly feel that if something happens to her, she will be able to explain exactly what it was. How I got to this point was quite a funny story which took place about 2 and a half years ago.  

One of my best friends had just had a baby boy, My Princess was two and a half. Obviously, we all needed to see this beautiful baba, and spend some time bonding. Tristano was a couple of weeks old, when I decided that I would introduce My Princess to him. It was late afternoon, and time for mom to be bathing him. The more hands the better. Team work often helps new moms. My Princess was all over the show. Asking questions about everything. The bath, the water temperature, the little seat, the creams, the towel, his nappies, everything….except him. I didn’t really take notice. The fact is My Princess had never really been exposed to any babies, never mind boy babies. Being a girl- you are always more interested in the stuff that boys come with- right? (*wink, wink)

A couple of days later, we were sitting around the table, for Sunday lunch at my Gran’s house. I asked My Princess (purely because she was the only one without food in her mouth), to tell everyone about her experience with the new baba….. She started talking about how cute he was, and then gave a running list of all the things he used and needed.

She then said, “and nana….. he has a tail!”

More recently then that though, my Knight was in the shower, bathroom door closed. My Princess and I were in the bedroom, she was moving from mine to hers working through getting her clothes on. I try hard to ignore her pleas for help, but sometimes she just really cannot get whatever it is- on. The bathroom door opens, and out strolls my Knight, dressed now in jeans. Following him is Jess.

My Princess says in a very matter-of-fact” tone, “ Jess is a girl. She is not allowed to see your penis.”

My Knight just looks at me… while I strolled rather quickly into my dressing room to stop myself from laughing out loud.

My Princess, “Hey JP?” She was waiting for an answer.  And he was not keen in having to deal with this on his own. He was looking in my direction. (I could see that look in eyes “HELP!!!”)

Once I had composed myself, I went into an explanation of how those rules didn’t really apply to animals. I think I lost her at that point.

It will be quite awesome one day, to be able to give her these innocent moments to read about, and see if she is able to giggle about them.



  1. Bewahahaha! A tail, that is sooooo sweet!

    • Very funny hey. It was the first I heard of it….. And I was in shock. Didn’t take long and I was on the floor laughing.


  2. Uhm…yeah…I’ll be over here with your knight. Just call if you need either one of us…to…uhm…do or say something. May be best not to. But we will put our heads, I mean thoughts, together and try to come up with something intelligible. 😉

    • I am positive with 8 kids…. You have had had many similiar moments.


  3. That was hysterical. Like many of your other posts..keep ’em coming.



  4. That is a funny story to tell her later on in life 🙂 I’ve been told stories of getting mad at my mom for letting my baby brother in the bathroom while I was in there. So far, my kiddos follow one another everywhere, I have to stop Little Sister from following her brother to the toilet, as she is WAY too curious about what goes in that thing (more so what’s NOT supposed to go in!) We’ve already lost a pacifier that way…

  5. We have the opposite approach and our boys often see me naked…the Butterfly (through sign language and expression) wanted to know where my penis was the other day. Sigh. Funny comments, which ever way you go as a parent!

    • oh gosh. I am sure that was quite funny.

  6. Hilarious post! Kids rock, right?

    • Thanks!!! Yes kids rock…. or they cause me to rock.
      Thanks for visiting!

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