Posted by: The Saffa Mom | June 3, 2011

On my way to work today….

On my way to work this morning- I had to stop. This was a photo opportunity, something I would never see again. This car seemed to have taken off. I spoke to the driver, who was perfect except for a small scratch on his forehead. I asked him whether he was Christian. He said, “thank God yes.”

His miracle.

What do you think?








  1. Good grief. What on earth happened?

    • I don’t even think the driver knew. Hectic hey.

  2. How on Earth did he get his car to fly into that house???

  3. With only a scratch? Yes, God had his angels watching over him. Unfortunately, while on Earth he better have insurance!

    • I didn’t even ask. Quite common on this side of the world to NOT have insurance.

  4. Not something you see every day. Pleased he wasn’t badly hurt.

    • Hence the post. I think everyone was in shock that he was not hurt. BMW may have sold so more cars that day!

  5. The Hand of God was definitely involved in this one!

    • I think after that, you work your ass off to find out what your purpose is…. because clearly you still have one.

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