Posted by: The Saffa Mom | June 2, 2011

Make a plan.

Do you ever catch yourself saying something, but not actually thinking about what you are asking? The fact is you could be asking for small miracles.

When people say “make a plan”, what they really mean is that they “have no idea, but don’t make your problem mine. Just do it.”

I don’t think I really thought too long and hard when I told our maintenance/garden man Luxim to try and make a temporary shelter for our farm animals.

It has been ice cold here….. ice cold without the snow. Ice cold under South African terms would be very different to ice cold under Canadian terms. However, our experiences are what cause our perceptions. And I perceive it to be freaking cold. Let me add that my experiences have also shown that the one gas heater we have does bugger all.

My knight believes that animals are built for this. They are animals. They eat, play and sleep outside. They know nothing else. I, on the other hand, believe that farm animals do need some shelter. (Yes, we have two goats, two sheep, a pig, and 12 geese.) It has been an argument for some time now. Through the rainy, RAINY, STORMING summer, into the cold, COLD, FREEZING winter.

It is 10:07 in the morning here now, and the temperature at home is -1. Animals will feel that.

So I asked Luxim to make a plan.

When I think back now, I had no idea what he could do. But I just believed he would “make a plan”.

Last night by the time we arrived home, it was dark and cold. The land in front of our house is dark, I am never quite sure where the animals are or what they are doing.

However this morning I could not miss it. (Our neighbours might not too….)

Luxim made a plan. I had a giggle. We officially had a shack on our land, and the start to a location.

But he “made a plan”. And I feel quite proud! Now I only wonder if the animals slept in there. x



  1. LMAO, Skwatta Kamp here we come 🙂 Our dogs’ outside water bowl was frozen this morning.

    • You can imagine when I first looked out of our house. It is about 300 metres, so with my eyes I was not quite sure of “what” I was looking at. When I realised- I was in hysterics.

      I am sure that the security for the estate is going to pitch up to see what is going on! That or some real squatters.
      Any husbands needing a place to sleep? X

  2. That’s a plan!
    “However, our experiences are what cause our perceptions.” Love that line – so wise. 🙂

  3. It is very colorful! Can’t miss it!
    That pig looks big enough to ride!

    • I think we may have a couple of calls….. Yes Henry is huge. Has huge teeth to go with him.
      Everone is petrified of him. Really just wants love.

  4. Too funny!! Does kind of look like a squatter camp like Cindy said. But the animals don’t care and yes they do like having shelter. Our goats have a barn, but one of them likes to hang out inside an old dog house we have. It doesn’t look very cold there, but I’ll take your word for it 🙂

    • It is freaking cold. -1 degrees centrigrade when you dont have heaters or double glaze windows (whatever they are called), underfloor warmth, the correct clothes, or “anything” because everyone concentrates too much on summer………is freaking cold. People are surprized when they feel the Joburg chill. Never expect it. I am just grateful that we are not in Cape Town- that is rainy in winter. So yes, Steve- take my word for it.

      Or better yet, come on holiday in June/ July. That sounds like a plan? xx

  5. Hopefully the animals don’t have high standards – or a lawyer!

    • What has transpired is that i dont think they are actually using it. I cant see at night, but sometimes i think i can make out that they are no where near it.
      And it has been freezing….. so i am feeling quite guilty.

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