Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 25, 2011

Oh, I wish I was growing up when moms fell for that!

If I could picture a dessert, something sweet to snack on after a dinner out– it may certainly contain Nutella. We are talking about a chocolate hazelnut paste as such that really could be heaven in a jar. I think that I potentially could consume a jar over a small period of time with a teaspoon. AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY I DO NOT PURCHASE IT FOR HOME USE!

Photo courtesy of wikipedia. Missing me and the spoon.

One if the restaurants we frequent is called Vera Vita, an Italian Place that makes pizzas the way I like them. Thin and not so ridiculously covered. (They feel a little healthier then…..haha). They are famous (in my standards) for a Nutella Pizza dessert. Now everyone I tell, who has never tried it, pulls a horrible face and I am set into motion in order to convince them that they do not know what they are missing out on. Don’t imagine a pizza pizza! Just the base. No cheese or tomato. We are talking base. When you bite into it, chocolate oozes from the centre. Let’s not forget about the whipped cream on top, as well as the cinnamon which seems to make it. Not healthy, but oh so delicious.

Another favourite would be a restaurant that fills Phyllo pastry rolls with Nutella, and then bakes it. I won’t tell you more.

And then of course, if we would like to get basic…. the standard crepe or pancake rolled around spreading’s of the stuff could make any child believe that they have lived like no other! I believe it at that point.

In my day, back when I was a kid, and bread costs cents, and people earned just rands, it was only the very special homes that had Nutella. Just TOO expensive was my mom response, and so I never asked. Although, I now think that most of our parents realised that this was not a staple need in our balanced diets and may only contribute to obesity. Instead we had chocolate flavoured peanut butter- now and again. (I don’t know if you still get that on our shelves.)

NOW being a mom, my mindset has changed S-O-M-E-W-H-A-T. Nutella is dessert material. The perfect dessert. There is not an inkling in my body to purchase a bottle and have a small obsession created in My Princess’s life. In fact, I battle to give My Princess Coco Pops.

You can imagine my shock every time I see the Nutella advertisement played on DSTV South Africa. For those who have not seen it, and to remind those who have not paid too much attention, it is based in the middle of the morning rush. You know what that is like. Obviously advocating a good breakfast. Low GI- releasing energy slowly. Bread covered in Nutella Spread?? Balanced breakfast. Ummmm….. Well…… Come on…….You must be kidding! The sugar and fat cannot possibly seen as part of a healthy balance meal. It must be the bread and juice served with it.

Chocolate is not a Food. It cannot possibly be justified as healthy. Chocolate is a luxury, something special. Not an everyday food. It is the reward for eating food. Not the food itself. I think it is time to have it removed. What do you think?

Oh, I wish I was growing up when moms fell for that!!!!



  1. Never much liked Nutella, I agree it’s not something I’d keep in the house.

    • I never imagined anyone ever even saying that. Haha. In my mind everyone loves it! Not even a little?

  2. I eat it for breakfast occasionally. It has less fat than peanut butter. It has protien and it’s not chocolate. It’s cocoa. But mostly I eat it because it’s part of the 80/20 rule. It’s better for me than putting a Cadbury bar on my toast. Lol.

    • Shoo wee- that made me giggle. Not convinced though. Xx

  3. Imagine. Panetone French Toast with nutella. I saw that on a menu the other day. I’m still flirting with the idea

    • That sounds like “I want” and don’t even know what panetone is??


  4. I like it. I bought a jar last year in the spring and fuinished it just after easter.

  5. Amazingly I’ve never had Nutella. You can get it around here but it’s not as popular I think as in other parts of the world. Guess I’ll have to give it a try!

  6. Can’t stand the stuff myself – a couple of our kids love it, but it’s not a breakfast food in our house either. My thighs expanded *again* when reading this post. Not sure I can still me your blog-buddy if you’re going to keep tempting me with food that I shouldn’t eat. 😉

    • Okay- one of the next posts will be Pilates. I am just considering whether i will be able to take any pics or not.

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