Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 24, 2011

What’s up with that?

I don’t know how many REAL contacts I have on my phone….. but the fact is it we are not talking 10 or 20. (Miss Popularity in the making- haha, that would be funny if you knew me- completely opposite.)

The reason why I say REAL is because with the few times I have incorrectly backed up my phone, or actually fixed everything and then pushed the wrong buttons during the backup- I have caused a number of duplications. I also have software on my phone that saves every NEW email address that comes through my phone, with a name and surname. Quite handy BUT it does not save those details to the name and surname I already have saved. That causes even more duplicate names, but not necessarily the details within that contact. Big pain.

I have sat once and cleaned up everything- deleted all the duplicates, put in company details and any other bits of info that may have jolted my memory quickly, and THEN when I backed my phone up it managed to sync everything in my Microsoft Outlook with my phone, instead of just replacing everything and I was left with even a bigger mess. I was a little bit pissed off that day- I am sure you can imagine.

Needless to say, I have never tried again. I have had the phone 11 years and every time I think about backing up everything, I find another reason to NOT.

I may have lead you to believe this post is about my phone, but actually it is not. That is merely part of it.

To get back to contacts, I don’t save everyone onto my phone as a contact. This is a result of pure laziness, nothing else. I save the people who I believe I may NEED to contact one day. Let’s look at my current office situation….out of the 11 people here, I have saved 2. The office manager for the company I share this office space with, and my assistant. Do we see a need to have anyone else?

For those of you familiar with the Blackberry, you would know that there is “chat” software on this phone, that really cannot be compared to any other that I have seen. BLACKBERRY MESSENGER.  In fact, it is one of the reasons why people buy Blackberry’s. The chat facility is free between all Blackberry users, and when it comes down to it, we all need to save a bit of money. So yes, through the day you may find a message between me and my knight discussing dinner, or just merely an “I love you.” (I am thinking about you, but really what I have to say does not justify a phone call.)

A sneak peak

Not everyone has a Blackberry (because some either still believe that the competition will reign one day, or are just scared of what they may become when they look at the typical Blackberry user), and so I discovered a little while ago that there is other software that all SMART phones (I think) can download, for chatting purposes. It’s called WHATSAPP. (Try it if you don’t have anything currently on your phone…. The data charge is so minimal, it makes SMS’s (text messages) expensive in comparison. I have not really spent a lot of time on it, but have found that it automatically puts “whoever” is on your contact list (REAL) which has also downloaded the software, on the contact list under this application. (This is different to the Blackberry software. I think Blackberry realises that it is probably best to invite each other, and have it okay’ed then to suddenly be stawked….. you get my drift to this story yet?) The times that I have found it awfully handy are for all my friends over-the-seas (Haha) as South Africa’s cellular services are expensive. You could spend an entire salary on a couple of international phone calls easily.

There is the little "whatsapp" icon.... the round green bubble.

Now, let’s get to the actual story.

The fact is that IF I have someone in my contact list that I have not communicated with in a number of years, why would I suddenly want to communicate with them when they realise we have “whatsapp” in common?

The person in question was a lady by the name of Suzette. She was my automatic belching mechanism in my last office. I saw her and felt nauseous. In fact, I didn’t even have to see her. She made my life a misery…. on purpose. One of those people that were just out to get you out. Caused many tears.

I have never responded to a text message. I have ignored her Facebook friend requests. I might have even have declined them. And when I left that company I truly believed that that would have been the LAST time I would have ever have had to see her, so continued to decline blatantly any invitations.  (In fact, I even hoped that the medium used would actually state: “KELLY HAS CHOSEN TO DECLINE YOUR INVITATION IN ANGER BECAUSE SHE CANNOT JUST WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN AFTER EVERYTHING  YOU EVER DID TO HER.” Were those all not great hints?

Apparently not.

I chose to ignore her “chat” too. (The thing about the software is that you are able to see that someone has received your message….and you are also able to see when someone READS your message. Yah!!! She has seen that I DO NOT want to communicate with her.)

The fact is that that brought a whole suitcase of emotions that I had chosen to bury, deep,  into light again. It left me with a bitter taste. Don’t get me wrong… I do forgive. Just not her.

But that is not the only thing that has taken place with having “whatsapp” on my phone. I have had messages come through saying things like “hey Kelly”, Kelly…. MMMM. I have your number but cannot remember if I know you”, “How are you Kelly?”

In all of these occasions I have not myself saved the contacts number and so it comes through as just from “a number”. There are 50 million people in SA! Now what. I have thought about ignoring them. Then I have thought about the fact that these people could actually be potential clients or already clients that I have not bothered to save!!! Fock it! I now HAVE TO respond! (Remember my business is not making any damn money yet.)

It turns out that I NEVER saved any of these numbers, because they were not people that I ever believed that I would have to speak to again. In fact, the one I had to google to try and see a picture so that I would not feel like a complete cow for not being able to connect a name to a face. The one even asked for my email address, which I gave, (Why??) who then emailed to ask how I was?  

Fock it! Fock it! Fock it! Do these people not realise that I currently have a life…yes I am freaking bored with it- but it is there. Okay, maybe it is just the working part I am bored with. My life has left me with a pile of bloggers that I need to desperately catch up with (getting there) because I  truly love them, and the fact that I want to be one of those bloggers means that I need to post posts. I have Pilates classes that I am now committing 4 hours a week too…. which has caused a whole chain of other “rushes” and time planning skills that I need to learn to eliminate. Forget about the cooking and cleaning and driving and storytelling (Okay not the cleaning part).  

 And let’s get to the real point of all of this….. do you really care how I am? You didn’t when you just had my number? I was not then worth a costly SMS, but now that it is free you want to know how I am?

Or maybe you too are bored with your life? And you remember times when I was part of it, and it was perhaps not boring. Wake up call- If it is boring now, it was probably boring then.

Now let me get back to catching up with some bloggers. Perhaps I should broadcast a message to all my “whatsapp” contacts that they should start blogging.




  1. OK, you’ve convinced me … I wasn’t sure I wanted a Blackberry in the first place. I’ll just stick to my old LG, even though my daughter thinks I’m totally uncool 🙂

    • I know how connected you are to technology, and YOU would certainly love a Blackberry. You could tweet all day long, and you coudl be on top of yoru blog, without being at your computer.
      (Not that i am any of those things…)

  2. I love my blackberry, its attached to my hand all day long!! I never thought I’d be a texter, now I use that function all the time. Haven’t started using blackberry messenger yet though.

    • You crazy! It really is awesome, especially if the people you communicate with most have Blackberrys.
      You can test it on me. Download the software, and send me your pin. You will love it!!
      I unfortunately also have my phone attached to my hand. So so very sad.
      That’s what happens when you have a blackberry. Haha.

  3. I don’t have one yet. My son says I will want one for business. Gotta get business first! Then I can communicate with my BSAGF! Best South African Girl Friend. Maybe even on the whole continent!

  4. I just saw “Sent from my Blackberry” on an email from my Dad. My father has a Blackberry before me? What! I am guilty of the freebie “Hey, how are you doing?” when I find friends on Facebook – obviously if they’ve made so far as to create a profile they MUST be doing just fine. Still, it’s just my courtesy “heya”.

    p.s. you should send out the invite to your Whatsapp peeps to join WP 🙂

    • Remember my blog is as anonymous as i have kept it….not many people that are friends in the real world know about it. In fact- i think 2. (Thats so i can bitch and moan about everyone- haha.) So i woudl notbe advertising to all of them at all.
      RE- the blackberry….. it is time!!!

      • If someone you knew actually looked for you, they could find you. WP is becoming part of the matrix of FB (ie the post to FB checkbox, sharing). Eventually, Zuckerberg will suck up the whole internet into his world.

        RE-Backberry: It might seem silly, I work in a hghly technical field but I don’t want a high tech phone – they scare me. Plus, then I might be expected to work 24/7. Although I doubt any smart phone can run a code compiler… My husband has an iPhone, he handed it over to me and expected me to figure out how to use it – then teach HIM. No way buddy, it’s all yours!

  5. I am a not-very-happy Blackberry owner.
    It is NOT a logical phone, when te phone rings, it decides to present me with a whole load of other STUFF before it lets me answer. Acceptance of meetings, old contacts it thinks i should be updating, old messages i tthinks I should be re-reading or re-replying to.

    I look at some of the people Facebook proposed I should have as ‘friends’ and I shudder, they are in the past and should stay there,

    So nice to find someone else who is tired of being bombarded

    • ummmmmm….. well…. not sure what to say- but my Blackberry doesn’t do any of that. Are you sure it’s a Blackberry. Haha…only joking. The thing about the Blackberry is that you can basically make it do whatever you want. barr cleaning and cooking, depending on the applicatiosn that you load. So i am sure with a few tweeks here and there, you may be able to make it WORK for you, instead of the other way around.
      I never visit facebook on the computer, so never SEE who Facebook suggests. From the sounds of things, i might keep it that way.

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