Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 20, 2011

Part B meets Part A, and my heart = parts

There are a few very special things in my home, which have not managed to find a place yet…except for storage.  

In fact, to be completely honest, since moving in September, there is a whole garage of boxes that have not yet found their way to a place. One of the main reasons why, (and I can almost count the tears pouring from my face as I say this), is because we do not yet have the coffee tables, side tables, shelves and cabinets I so dearly long for. With those comes a deeper longing for the rugs and the lamps and then the beautiful things, to make those things more grounded in a home. I believe that right now, without any of that- our home is a house. It is not warm, but merely functional.

My knight likes functional.  

Of course with all of those things comes the pictures and pieces of art I want on our walls. At this point in time, my knight likes walls. Plain, simple, streamlined, deep beige walls. So the special things I have, are literally being stored in all sorts of spaces which are hidden from the outside world.

This story is made of two parts.

Part A would be the fact that I have a very special framed print of an  African man. It is a Denis Murphy 1973. (WTF is Denis Murphy?) Well, I didn’t know that either. That was not the reason why it was special. It was special because it hung in my grandmothers TV room for most of my life. I do truly believe that it is beautiful, and wish I not only had the framed print but the actual oil on canvas. My gran passed away after a long battle with cancer last year September, and this was one of the items I claimed as my piece of her.    

(Subsequently I did Google Denis Murphy and he is an accomplished painter who does African themed paintings, only sold through the Mount Kenya Art Gallery. I did try to find a copy of the print I have, but it was perhaps done too long ago. So here is a photo. I realise now, I really should have turned the flash off on my Blackberry. Obviously, my Princess had to get her head in.)

 i realise it is a bad photo

Up until today, it has been stored with other sentimental pieces (not necessarily nice) that I have yet to convince my knight belong on our walls.

Part B would be Jess. (For those of you who don’t know Jess……. please click here for Day one and here for Day Two.) Initially we all believed her to be a Border Collie….. however when I look at her now, I truly wander. She is going on 6 months and still quite small, and she is covered in spots along with her border collie type colouring. Her bark sounds like a Jack Russell…. or maybe even a Maltese Poodle, and she barks at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Pain. Anything different which is put into the house is somewhat of an issue, like the gas heater we pulled out of the garage. She no longer wants to come upstairs when it is on…. quite funny actually that she is can be such a nervous wreck. She also doesn’t really like people, besides us of course. When I have guests, she battles to decide whether she should be barking or hiding, and so tries each in succession over and over and over. My knight thinks that she is the most beautiful thing in the world….. a bit like mothers and fathers who think their daughter is going to win Miss Universe, irritating. I am however, more realistic. She is quite ugly. I love her none-the-less.

The babies of the house.

Let me add that until my knight found her, he was trying to convince me that the only dogs we would ever have would be German Shephards. Nothing else. I am more of a bull dog, boxer person, and so you can imagine my disappointment. (I will still sneak one of those in- one day…..)

Jess sleeps with the Quama and Rosso (the German Shephards) in the study every night.

In the study, against the wall is where Part A is leaning.

So Part B meets Part A in the early hours of the morning, leaving me very pissed off as well as heart broken when found (in parts).

There would be a couple of pieces of my heart....


and the rest of it....


What is worse is that I am the only one in the house that understands those feelings while My knight seemed to actually ignore my ranting and raving, and my Princess stated very matter-of-factly a number of times that Jess what just a baby.




  1. Luckily it’s just the frame and not the print?

    • Okay there is some optimism. Perhaps I will juet leave the frame like that…. and re-frame the whole thing. Then i have two stories.

  2. I wonder if Jess has part Australian shepard in her, maybe that’s where the spots came from. I would have hung the print regardless of what knight thinks of it, he will have to part with a square portion of beige wall.

    • We just need to find ways of compromising on what goes on and what doesnt. Lets be honest- I may not just put any picture that he likes up. Will need to do some giving and taking.

  3. I would hang the picture too, and whatever else you want to bring out – bring out. It’s your home. Not his house. Surely.

  4. We have either have a print or the oil painting in our home

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