Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 19, 2011

Embarrassed-too many of MY PEOPLE did not vote!

I have discovered that I know too many people that did not vote. And I am embarrassed!

In fact, I almost felt like removing them off of my Facebook friend list. Then I realised that they are not all on there. I was very serious about “deleting” my friends that voted for the opposition! The fact is we are then on very different pages, perhaps not friend pages.

A smart page and a freaking stupid page.  

For all my non South African readers, yesterday was declared a public holiday in order to conduct municipal elections.

I don't mind that horrible mark for a few days. It shows that I care.

A whole is made up of bits. The better quality those bits are, the better the end product. Right?   

Do I really want to walk down the politics road? No not really. Too much potential to get too messy. This post’s sole function is to vent my utter frustration in people that do not vote. Specifically- my people. This was not a strategic move from their part. I know that for a fact. In fact, if I even suggested that in a questioning like manner, they would not bite.

Let me introduce you to MY PEOPLE. (The ones that took yesterday as a holiday to rest their big fat lazy asses.)

My mom and dad for one. Claim to not be citizens. They are merely permanent residents. They have been for the last 40 years at least. They carry passports and they carry South African ID documents. How can you not believe that this is home (when you have lived here for longer then my lifetime) and that you need to care what happens? For as long as I remember, there non-care attitude has been something that has made me strongly vocal.

“The queues were always too long, and really what is one vote?”  In fact, I have even watched my mom roll her eyes when the topic arose. YET she will complain about everything, everything that would be closer at finding resolution if we were not a part of the problem? That is right! If you do not vote- I believe you are the problem.

So that’s two people. (In fact, now my mom and dad are divorced, my dad has probably influenced his new blonde fluzie to not vote either!)  

Then one of my best friends ever, mentioned that she does not vote. “Huh? What do you mean that you do not vote?” “ I have never registered. Maybe next year.” Everything I said to her after that went straight over her head. In fact, her response via Blackberry messenger was “blah, blah, blah.”

How do I even respond to that?

So now, I suddenly know 3 people.

My assistant at the office also commented that she does not vote. “Why not?” “My family is Jehovah Witness.” “So? Imagine if everyone was?” “They are not allowed to vote.” “Are you a practising Jehovah Witness.” “No.” “Then why don’t you vote?” “Have never registered.”

Another one. Now that is 4 people in my close circle daily that do not care. (But they care very much when their rubbish is not collected or they drive into a pothole or when the traffic officer asks them for a bribe. Then they all care very much!!!)

Then my sister and her girlfriend became 5 and 6. My sister’s girlfriend is a teacher. IE NOT an idiot. (Perhaps i need to re-evaluate that thought.) My sister’s response when I sent her an sms that she needs to try and get her vote in last night was “where do I register?”

“Umm, Sam, you were supposed to do that in February.”

Her response, “oops.”

7 and 8 I don’t really know, so it gets a little complicated here. (They originate from 5 and 6 above.) My sister’s girlfriend’s sister  (you see the complication) has been in ICU since Saturday. Not a great story, a bi-polar mom who tried to kill herself. Prescription drugs and cough syrup containing codeine being the flavour. (Sad,  BUT a whole different topic not meant for this post. ) Her husband would be 8.

Her mom and dad who travelled from Wolmeranstaad to Pretoria to be closer during this time would be 9 and 10.  

My brother would be 11. Twenty two years old and never worked, currently sleeping 16 hours of the day I would guess. He too is a topic for a whole different post.


Would those 11 votes have made a difference? Perhaps not. But if everyone knows 11 people….. we could start a whole network marketing model here and then see the HUGE difference that could take place.

What if we suddenly lost the right to vote? Would those people be up in arms then?

Maybe that should be my goal for next year’s elections. Draw up a network marketing model with real life people in it, reflecting the difference that could be made. Or employ someone from AMWAY to do it!

At this point, the votes have not been all officially audited. However from what I have managed to see, changes are happening. (Besides the ones on my Facebook friend list). They may take a few more elections to be considerate…. but they are happening.

DA I am behind you all the way!!

I want what the Western Cape has. And you want to know something- if all those who didn’t vote, actually spent time in the Western Cape, they would want that too. They would realise how important it is too actually make their mark.

Who am i kidding? If the whole of South Africa spent time in the Western Cape, they would suddenly realise what they want.

One step at a time. Right.  

If you notice that you have been deleted off of my facebook profile, please realise that you were part of the freaking stupid page. I would suggest that you do not take this personally, but instead find ways of getting yourself to the smart page.  



  1. I hope I am not deleted.

    Marco checked to see if I was registered and he said yes…he just failed to say that it was in Weltevredenpark and not Mondeor…livid was not even close to the frustration I felt.

    My brothers girlfriend registered in feb and when she went to go vote, she was turned away because according to them, she wasn’t even registered….wtf.

    Marco’s aunt went to vote and saw that the iec boxes were opened and the seal was gone….


    DA all the way….

    • I hope you got in your car and voted for the people in Weltevreden Park.. I have friends who stay there.

  2. Well done for naming and shaming.

  3. Nice job! In the U.S. we have the same problem with folks not showing up to the polling booths. Maybe the percentages here are better than where you are, but still pretty low considering the importance. People just don’t think it matters. SAD!!

    • Very frustrating actually.
      My mom opened the paper yesterday, and started talking about a story in there…. the first thing i said was, well if you all got off of your asses and voted we may have had someone who makes that a priority working for us.”
      She laughed.

  4. This morning I considered this very same thing….No.1 and 2 being in my own house…my brother and sister that could not find their ID’s. Then spotted 3 and 4 on FB. Then 5 and 6 on BBM and then 7 and 8 who I have forgotten…so I thought…if i know 8 people…and everybody else knows 8 people??? Flip man…could have made a difference:-( Here in EC the ANC has won….no comment…..

    • Thanks for visiting. Not often that i get new faces….. made me smile.
      So back onto the network marketing model.
      And i have another comment for everyone……. why even waste you rvote on any other party. There is no ppoint in voting for a party that is less then 1 %. They will never govern your area? So use your vote logically. Not just for the sake of it.

  5. Good for you. The thing here is if it rains or not. If it rains a certain party has fewer votes – that is, their supporters are too damned lazy/wimpy to get out of the house.

    • If i was that party i would offer everyone umbrellas. Haha.

  6. Not being a citizen in the US keeps me from voting, so I drive my hubby to the voting station and tell him who to vote for! You should round up your people when it’s time to register and tell each of them to bring someone, then have a BBQ or something afterwards. Same for election day!

    • The problem is that you are registered in the areas you live. And we are out in the sticks- haha- by choice.
      Does sound like a good idea though.

  7. Since registering to vote at 18, I think I may have missed 2 elections where I did not vote. They were minor elections. I try to make sure my wife votes and now my two sons who can vote too.
    Unfortunately like BRC said the turn out to vote in the US is not good.

    • Sad that we are all so useless at times hey.

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