Posted by: The Saffa Mom | May 17, 2011


Peek-a-boo! I-see-you!

Okay- so I seemed to disappear off the face of the planet for the last little while, and this didn’t go by unnoticed. Yah! Yah! Yah! (To all of you gorgeous bloggers that sent me a note, or popped in a comment- thank you. I was touched, and motivated……. But not motivated enough to blog about it…sorry.)

I didn’t go anywhere special, and I most certainly didn’t do anything extraordinary. Oh I wish I had. I wish I had this awesome story to tell you of how I was kidnapped by Enrique and whisked off to one of Richard Branson’s islands. (Even my knight wouldn’t mind….if it was Enrique. I think he would understand!) BUT sorry no story there….unfortunately I am not having Enrique’s kids.

Instead, honestly there was no real reason…. I was bored. I was bored with my days, I was bored with my thoughts, my business, and my same frustrations. I also believed that if I continued posting- I would bore you all too!!!! None of those points have changed over the last little while either!

This mixed with the fact that I truly don’t function well when my toes that are packed away inside leather boots but still threatening to fall off.

I have made a discovery though. The people that have the ability to write about something  every day, and still fit in a “normal day” are truly extraordinary. The fact is that I think being a blogger, a serious blogger is most certainly a full time job. (I dare someone to argue that point, and then to take the challenge on. Double dog dare you!)

My solution to this “missing-in-action” and “boredom” issue:

I propose that someone hire me. My CV can be viewed in every post I have written before this.

I am positive that if I am able to move away from my day to day activities, and concentrate more on writing something to send shivers down your spine (of excitement), without having to worry about money, I will prove to have that ability too.

Ha! Who am I kidding?



  1. There you are…..I missed ya!!!! I was going to send out a search and rescue team. There is no rule as to the number of times you must post. Don’t beat yourself up for doing a great job on your blog.

    I wished I could hire you and cart you, the little Princes and your knight to America and help run the Muckery Factory. 🙂

    Keep doing what you’re doing, we all love it.



  2. You’re never boring. I’m glad you weren’t kidnapped.

  3. Welcome back! It just isn’t the same without you around. Blogging *is* a full-time job, just wish someone would pay me to blog too!

  4. are here! Welcome back, if only temporarily. You and I are often sailing the same ship, my friend (as perhaps other bloggers are as well), a general longing for something more rewarding in our work lives. It’s that damn money thing that keeps getting in our way! Oh well… keep writing as you can find the time… we miss reading your posts. Remember too, you were one of my very first subscribers, I remember thinking, “OMG someone actually wants to read this stuff”. I won’t let you fade away without a fight!

    • That was super motivating!
      Now to record your voice and use it as my daily alarm during these cold mornings.

  5. So good to see you. I have motivation stored away in a box. Any time you need it, just say the word! You are cool, you are interesting, and you are extraordinary. Blog when you want and we’ll read it, and take a break when you want. Just be sure to check in every now and then so we can know you are safe.

    Take care my friend. I’m trying to find the sunshine and will share with everyone when I do. It has been raining her forever and ever.

    • Can’t say you should be rushing over here to find it. Sunny SA, is quite cold. Well, for me that is. Perhaps for you it could be considered summer. Haha.
      Thanks for the cool, interesting and extra ordinary part. I think i shoudl actually print these commenst out and paste them to my mirror. (and my car, and my laptop, and my fridge.)

  6. BRC said it right! I guess we all have those “dry” periods of our routine.
    After I didn’t get the latest job I kinda bottomed out. I haven’t been on my scroll saw either. It is still sitting there with the last projects saw dust on it. I did find a few things to rant on about on my blog, but no wood projects, though I have plenty of ideas. Maybe tonight…maybe.
    Anyway we are all your blog friends and will be here when you are (maybe impatiently). Or as AA said sending out the S & R team!

    • Sorry that life is not treating you so well at the moment Harold. The right job will come….. in His time remember. Perhaps you not suppossed to be worrying about work, but instead finding teh fun I am so badly searching for?

  7. Good to see you are still here 🙂 I don’t have a job for you, those seem to be few and far between these days! Hope you have a fabulous week

  8. welcome back. we all wish to do this full time, but for most it just doesn’t pay the bills

    • Does it pay the bills for anybody?

  9. Sometimes you need to take a break, do a little navel gazing, wonder what the hell you are doing and get back to it. When I do more picture posts than usual, that is what I am doing. You are right about those who do it daily. It is hard work.

    • Navel gazing? That’s an odd term. But i know what you saying. Think i might steal your trick.

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