Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 19, 2011

Fun? Passion? Nope-nada.

Today is Tuesday.

I have wished the day away from the second I stepped into my office, until now… and still seem to be wishing moments away. I have found every excuse not to actually do any work, and I think the main reason why is because the list of things I have to do, are all boring with a capital B. My job is not fun! And through help from one of my blogging guru’s and her latest post– I realise that I don’t have much fun!

Yes, I read and I blog, and I spend time with my precious people. But fun? What do you consider fun? I always think of fun as something that truly excites me…. that get’s my tummy into twists and turns. Or is fun- reading?

Now that I think about it, Ed actually just reminded me of something that has happened in the last day. My Knight has been excited about car’s and racing for forever! I am convinced he must have been a prem baby, but unfortunately his mom is gone, and he will have no idea. He has gotten himself into a flat spin…… and his newest vision revolves around Porsche Super Cup Racing (I don’t know what the exact name is….) He has turned it all into a business decision because of the potential INTERNATIONAL coverage that will be gained. He truly is the greatest manipulator I have ever come across.  I am however, way smarter than that, and realise that it is actually awesome if he can turn his passion into work.

Freaking hell…. I am actually jealous!

Last night, while I was throwing out a chirp here and there, he turned around and asked me whether I had truly ever been passionate about anything. Besides love for a single person.

I realised that I haven’t. There has never been a single thing that can fuel me to the end. That wakes me up and motivates me to get through the day- besides my Princess. Nothing that is truly mine. Nothing that makes my body go weak at the knees.

How flipping sad is that?!?



  1. It’ll come, you’re the mother of a young child and you’re running a business and a home. That’s a lot, the fun will come.

    • What worries me is that i dont even know what direction i should be searching in? When did the fun come for you?

      • It just came out of the blue one day.
        Now, where are you???

  2. We ride in that boat together my friend….and I woke up to the fact that in 2 months time I am 30 and what have I truly done with my life (yes, had kids, got married – got the bond, car payments, school fees and all that goes along with it)….why can’t I be a Donald Trump or a Richard Branson – those are people that have passion for what they do AND make loads of cash doing it ….

    I will have that bottle of wine with u my friend….

    • Well, at least we can drink better wine then we did ten years ago!!!

  3. that is sad, not to feel excited about what you do every day. of course not every day is delightful, but to never feel that surge of interest that keeps you there longer and makes you plot and think at home……………..

    • So we all agree! It is sad. Now dig myself out, and move on- right?

  4. I some times think the word passion is over used or stressed. Am I passionate about plumbing or wood crafting? I don’t think that is the word for them. Do I enjoy them? Definitely YES! Have I always looked forward to doing them every day? NO! But once I am going at them the enjoyment is there. Singing in choirs and groups I enjoy also. But there are times I don’t look forward to it. The “chore” is getting there. That is my problem. Once I am participating I find the enjoyment.

    Seems like that is what you need to find, if you don’t have it. The enjoyment in doing what you do and take satisfaction from that. Or find something else that will fill that hole. Passion is over-rated!

    • I dont know. I look at my knight, and am truly envious that he can have so much passion for one thing.
      I want that!!!
      I just dont know where to even start.

  5. I agree with Cindy…it’ll come. Mine came when I had a highly sensitive 8 week old baby and a dynamite in-a-mess three year old – not at all ideal. Gotta be careful what we wish for!

    • So do i start looking, or patiently wait?

      • Start asking for it…if you really want to find it – that is…;)

  6. Having fun with princess counts. I didn’t intend to depress you!! Grab an air guitar and join Mark and I for a playoff 😀

    Thanks for the shout out!
    xxx ❤

    • My friend- pleasure!!!
      Sounds great, but I dont think i could be a passionate air guitarist though.
      Just stuck in a hole. Feel like you did a little while ago perhaps.

  7. The french writer said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Such is our lot, no one ever promised us any fun, we just all sort of showed up one day, and life began.

    Find your passion and then go for it girl.


  8. […] read where others struggle with this too.  Fun? Passion? Nope-nada. No excitement in their lives, nothing left to shoot for, like my old man used to say, “I have done […]

  9. One look at Matt Damon makes me weak in the knees :O

    • Haha. But that’s just quick moments. How do you turn that into fun!

  10. Ahhhhhhh – you’re young – you’re right on track IMO. We get busy growing up and doing what we’re supposed to do and BAM the big questions happen. Passion and fulfillment does not have to be ginormous and can come in the oddest packages. Enjoy your quest – pay attention – reconnect with what moves you – it’s all part of the gig. Hugs!

  11. Okay, hopefully the reason you haven’t been around is you have finally found the FUN and PASSION in your life??

    • Haha- no not yet Steve! But working on it! Battling to do anything through teh cold. I think if i had experienced your winter, i perhaps woudl have died. Haha.

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