Posted by: The Saffa Mom | April 18, 2011

Girl Boy stuff…

I think most of you know the concern I had when I discovered that my 4 year old princess was marrying a prince called Devlan, and was going to love him forever. (Her words!) Oh and boy did she confess her love to me. The thought of her running after a boy playing kissing catches was a bit too much for my hardened exterior. Read about it here and then again here.

Most of the advice I received was to let it play out. Don’t fuss over it. And so….like a good advice taker- I didn’t.

That milk moustache is strawberry drinking yoghurt.

Thursday morning, my princess dived into her locker, while screaming for me to wait. She brought two drawings to me. Not of me BUT of a girl and boy holding hands. (Clearly her and “someone”). The second picture was of her name  and written next to it “girl” (LOGAN GIRL), and her name again and written next to it “boy” (LOGAN BOY). At that point I realised that Devlan had not been brought up in any conversation for a little while.

Before I could even say anything, the teacher was calling a little boy from next door’s classroom, and introducing him to me as boy Logan. He smiled (which was much more inviting then the roll of the eyes that DEVLAN first gave me!!!), blushed and ran away.

“Umm my babe. What happened to Devlan?”       

She shrugged and the teacher turned around and said “Logan is a much better choice!”

SO that was it……

    Girl Boy meet.

               Girl Boy fall in love.

                          Girl Boy dream of a perfect ever after.

                                   Girl Boy get married.

                                             Girl Boy have fallout.

                                                      Girl Boy stop communicating.

                                                                Girl Boy separate.

                                                                             Girl Boy get divorced.

                                                                                      Girl Boy move on.

Sound familiar?



  1. She is one beautiful little girl that!

    • And hence my concern- haha. (I am her mom though, so I don’t think that counts).

  2. Sounds like she is figuring it out! Maybe she could teach me 🙂

    • I think she is on track to a broken heart……. she needs to have the boys runing after her. Have them drawing the pictures…. Dont you agree?

  3. It’s amazing how simple the whole relationship thing is at the core, isn’t it? I could stand to take a few lessons from her, too! And awww, what a cutie!!

    • Thanks Holly.
      It is quite simple…it is our hearts that seem to complicate everything!

  4. Aw, she is adorable! A real heart-breaker. Oh! what she does to the boys. Winds them in only to cast them off like a sheet of paper blowing in the wind. 🙂 First Devlan, now Logan, maybe to make Devlan jealous? Oh! what goes on in the female mind? What man can fathom it! 🙂
    (you did put girl first!) LOL!
    I think I am going for a country song here!

    • Haha…very funny if she was really a master mind of a big plan!

  5. LOL at the comparison between you and her…just think…one day she’ll be 16!

    • I am scared!!!

      • I’m planning on investing in ear-muffs and a blind-fold when the boys get even close to *those* years.
        It’s a strategy…I’m sure it is!

  6. Awww! She seemed to be less affected by it than you having to watch it happen to her. It’s all pretend right now, I’m sure she won’t really take it hard until 5th or 6th grade. (If that’s any consolation) I remember my first actual crush in grade 5, I was ten and he eleven. It was very short-lived and he avoided me like the plague until he graduated a year before me.

    I would focus more on her, her self-expression, her self-confidence, and showing your support and love no matter what happens.


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